CARESCompliance Solution

EisnerAmper’s CARESCompliance Solution is an outsourced compliance solution that allows lenders to validate PPP loan forgiveness requests and respond to the borrowers within the required 60 days.

We leverage our team of experienced accountants to calculate the loan forgiveness amount and validate the documentation. Our efforts are supported by a lender-branded technology portal that provides borrowers with a user-friendly forgiveness calculator, offers access to many FAQs, manages the workflow, and captures the required documentation. 

Designed with Input from Both Lenders and Borrowers

Borrowers expect their lender to guide them through the PPP loan forgiveness application and banks are focused on providing a high level of customer service to make the process easy for borrowers.

We’ve also learned, through consistent feedback, that banks expect to validate the documentation by the borrower and will provide evidence of validation efforts as required.

Technology Overview

Borrower Portal:
A bank-branded Borrower Portal provides borrowers with an easy-to-use loan forgiveness application as well as documentation guidance and a loan forgiveness calculator.  

The Borrower Portal is designed to walk the borrower through each step of the loan forgiveness validation process.  We make complex calculations easy, provide answers to commonly asked questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

Borrower portal.png

Lender Portal:
Bankers can track the progress in our Workflow Manager and Lender Dashboards.

Lender Dashboard.png

Review Team:

Your team can review all of the documentation for each loan within the portfolio and verify that the data entered into the calculator is evidenced within the supporting documentation provided.

Review team.png

Management Dashboard:

Managers can track the progress in our Workflow Manager and Lender Dashboards.

MGMT dashboard.png

Outsourced Validation Service

The CARESCompliance Solution team can process the forgiveness applications on behalf of the bank. We know that the bank’s primary goal is to serve customers in their time of need; the CARESCompliance Solution team is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service to you and your clients.