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Blogs March 03, 2023 Leveraging Sensitivity Labels for Data Classification

This article shows how, with the help of sensitivity labels, organizations can control who has access to certain data, keeping it confidential and secure. Sensitivity labels also provide an effective way for organizations to identify and classify sen…

Blogs February 03, 2023 Why Vulnerability Scans Are Important to Evaluate and Secure Your Network

With technology growing faster than ever, businesses need to be secure because as technology advances, so do cyber attacks and threats. Luckily, there is a way to remedy this: Perform a vulnerability scan on your external and internet network assets.

Blogs January 09, 2023 Ransomware as a Service: Another Popular Method of Cyber Attack

This content examines how, unfortunately, the business model software as a service (which gave us Microsoft 365 and Gmail) has now allowed anyone with malicious intent to become an IT security professional’s worst nightmare with the rise of ransomwar…

Blogs December 05, 2022 CAPstone: Part II – Baretz+Brunelle

A recap of a recent CAPstone session featuring Poonam Jain of Baretz+Brunelle and our own partners Denise Finney and Rahul Mahna.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Get Meta-Versed

How much time have you spent in the metaverse – and how much do you plan to? Is it amusement? Business? Art? Is it actually real estate? This article takes an introductory look at the possibilities.

Blogs November 09, 2022 Capstone Webcast Series: Shattering the Tech Ceiling

During EisnerAmper’s recent CAPstone Webcast Series titled: “Community Preservation Corporation,” a quartet of panelists discussed the need for companies to embrace a diverse workforce, especially in technology.

Blogs November 09, 2022 Understanding the FTC’s New Safeguard Rule Amendments

The FTC issued new amendments to its Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information that requires those applicable financial institutions to adhere to the rule’s requirements in order to protect consumer data from unauthorized third parties.

Blogs November 07, 2022 Surfs Up: Navigating the Waters of Information Overload

In the face of information overload, here are strategies for developing a healthy information processing discipline.

Blogs October 21, 2022 How to Have ‘Safe Banking’

In this latest installation from Cybersecurity Corner, you’ll get tips on minimizing risk related to your personal bank accounts.