Mariott International's Starwood cyber attack illustrates the importance of risk management and monitoring of encrypted passwords in data warehouses.

The Marriott Cyber Attack – How You Can Protect Your Data


In this podcast, Deborah Friedland, head of EisnerAmper’s Hospitality Advisory Services, and Lena Licata, a director specializing in Process, Risk, and Technology Solutions, discuss the massive data breach at Marriott International. Our experts examine what set the stage for a cyber attack, the type of data taken and by whom, what remedial measures the hotel chain is taking, how your company can proactively prevent such a hack, and more.


Dave Plaskow: Hello, welcome to the EisnerAmper podcast series. I'm your host, Dave Plaskow and today we are looking at the massive data breach at Marriott International. With us today to talk about what opened the door to a breach, the aftermath and what you can do to prevent this at your company is Deborah Friedland, a Managing Director in EisnerAmper Corporate Finance Group and head of Hospitality Advisory Services, along with Lena Licata, a Director specializing in Process Risk and Technology Solutions. So we have an all-star panel here to help us get to the bottom of all of this. Ladies, welcome and thanks for being here. Deb let’s start with you; put it into perspective. How big was this breach?
Deb Friedland: According to the company, about 500 million guests were impacted by this breach and approximately 327 million individuals were affected by passport numbers being breached. So to put it in perspective, the Yahoo breach impacted about 3 billion people while the LinkedIn breach impacted about 11.7 million. This is significant. This is quite an impact on many, obviously many millions of people.

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Deborah Friedland specializes in valuation, acquisition, finance and conversion or operation of real estate, with expertise in REIT structures and the turnaround of numerous hotels, resorts, restaurants, and mixed-use real estate.

Lena Licata is a Director specializing in Process, Risk, and Technology Solutions (PRTS), with more than 10 years of experience that includes public accounting and private industry.