Managed Technology Services

Manage Spiraling IT Costs with Our Managed Technology Services

With a shift towards a hybrid workforce and building into your company the technological resilience to face any challenge that comes its way, the burden of managing your IT isn’t getting any easier. No matter the plot twist, whether local or global, you need your technology to be seamless and ‘always on’ so your business can continue its digital transformation path. Being who we are, for us, effective managed services must include an assessment of risk.

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Maximizing Time, Minimizing Costs

Leveraging our experience working with Fortune 500 companies, we have designed our managed technology solutions to allow your firm, no matter its size, to take advantage of our proven processes, risk and compliance expertise, digitally-enabled approach and advanced technology. 

Imagine a scenario where your staff stops complaining about technology-related issues -- and the costs they can generate -- and you can get back to doing what you do best: engaging your customers and growing your bottom line.

Cut Your IT Expenses by 30%…or More 

A recent survey showed that our clients, on average, reduced their IT expenses by at least 1/3. With low, predictable monthly rates, you will finally feel like you have a handle on your IT budget.

Make Serial Technology Hiccups a Thing
of the Past

We make your IT headaches disappear and your network running smoothly, allowing you to spend your time on activities that grow your revenue. 

Increase Office Productivity and Wellbeing 

Our help desk is available 24/7 to quickly solve your end-users’ most nagging challenges allowing your resources to focus on value-add services.

Where Managed Technology Services Can Help Support You

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Internet Security &
Monitoring Response

vulnerability testing@2x.png
Vulnerability Testing

mobile device management@2x.png
Mobile Device Management

email threat protection@2x.png
Email Threat Protection

password protection@2x.png
Password Protection

endpoint security@2x.png
Endpoint Security

backup disaster recovery@2x.png
Backup Disaster Recovery

virtual info sec officer@2x.png
Virtual Information Security Oficer

user security edu@2x.png
User Security Education

Why have Managed Technology Services?

Around-the-Clock Threat Protection

Your network is monitored round-the-clock, delivering 24/7 defense against all threats to your systems.

Protect Your Team’s Productivity

Effective management of your IT offers valuable time back to your employees, providing a boost in productivity as well as guarding against burnout.

Quick Response Time

Our managed technology services professionals are ready to respond to your team quickly and help you with all your technical problems.

Take Control of Budget with Predictable Costs

Transforming spiraling IT costs into a fixed, monthly fee enables you to make accurate projections concerning your revenue.

Keep Pace with the Latest Technology

Access to modern and innovative technology will help you gain a competitive edge.

Compliance Management

We regularly update your systems to keep your business in compliance with regulations specific to your industry.

What Our Clients Say About Working with Us  

Your Managed Technology Services Guides

Our managed technology services team is staffed with well-trained and experienced IT professionals. Our motto is ‘There is no IT problem that can’t be solved with a creative approach,’ and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

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Rahul Mahna
Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Rahul helps manage change and engender confidence in highly complex operating environments.

Brandon Bowers
Director - Florida

Brandon, a thought-leader in the MTS space, has worked in the IT Industry supporting small to enterprise-sized organizations for the last 15+ years. 

Victor Aranda
Director - New Jersey

An IT professional of 18 years, Victor, a CISSP, balances IT risk and execution for many growth clients.