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EisnerAmper advises and prepares organizations for public ownership, so leaders can absorb the changes, realize maximum IPO financial results and move smoothly into their next stage of operation.

The decision to undertake an initial public offering (IPO) marks one of the most important transitions in an organization’s evolution, often involving the weighing of high-stakes trade-offs: Access to new capital, for example, entails much greater levels of scrutiny and accountability – from whole new classes of stakeholders such as investors, analysts, the SEC and listed exchanges. 

We work with companies that are considering IPOs and SEC registration, across all industries. Our services include all the elements of the pre- and post-IPO process: internal auditsSEC accounting and reporting , valuation , transaction advisory , and tax services. EisnerAmper is  one of the nation’s largest providers of services to SEC registrants, and has taken numerous companies public. Clients engage EisnerAmper for a pragmatic approach that anticipates all stages in the IPO process, including valuations, listing issues, SEC filings, appropriate governance and communications plans.

We work closely with our IPO clients and their circle of legal and underwriting advisors to take an IPO from concept to close – identifying the metrics that will drive value, completing all legal and regulatory due diligence, and providing detailed counsel to key holders of stock rights about potential issues such as dilution, price protection and conversion. In some cases, we will also advise companies on recommended configurations and resource-allocations for their post-IPO financial infrastructure, from board audit committees, to risk and compliance frameworks, to investor relations functions. In all our work, EisnerAmper’s culture places a premium on the building of longstanding professional relationships with our clients.

The IPO world is built on personal connections, and our IPO clients benefit from EisnerAmper’s strong ties to funding sources and experts in the worlds of underwriting, private equity and venture capital. They also benefit from our experience in IPO-intensive industries such as technology and life sciences , functional expertise in areas such as services to board directors , and deep pools of industry-specific knowledge.

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