Investment Committee Overview & 2019 Highlights

March 05, 2020

Marc Scudillo, Managing Director, and Steve Wang, Chief Investment Analyst, of EisnerAmper's Wealth Management and Corporate Benefits discuss the Quarter 1 Investment Committee Meeting. This first segment is an overview of the committee’s function and composition for establishing and monitoring investment discipline within the planning process, including last year’s overall market highlights and committee insights.  

This video was recorded on February 25, 2020. Update to follow. View the full video here.


Marc Scudillo:Hello. My name is Marc Scudillo, Managing Director of EisnerAmper's Wealth Management & Corporate Benefits Group. I'm here with Steve Wang, our Chief Investment Officer of EisnerAmper Wealth Management & Corporate Benefits, and we are holding our first quarterly summary of our investment committee meetings and we're excited to be here today. Steve, please give us a little background as to why we have an investment committee and what the purpose of the investment committee is.

Steve Wang:
Sure. Our investment committee is really a help on a quarterly basis to help to add the expertise in terms of reviewing our clients' strategies, the products, the service, the planning being utilized in our priorities to help our clients achieve their life goal and the corporate goals.

Marc Scudillo:That's great. And we have the privilege of actually incorporating not only internal specialists, but we also utilize external third party data and institutional expertise on the overall markets along the way here. And so let's get into some of the summary of what we just learned yesterday, which was kind of timely given what had occurred in the markets with the Coronavirus impact. And we'll touch deeper in that analysis. But give us a little background as to what transpired in 2019. Steve Wang: 2019 was a very exciting year. At the beginning of the year, most of the investment banks, the economies, they forecast only a single digit stock market return. But it turns out the market has performed over 30% rate of return. So that's kind of a surprise, and that is a background that we want to discuss further, why we have the different strategies and portfolio for our clients to achieve their goals. Not only grabbing the stock market's return, but also reduce the risk along the way.

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