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Expense Detect: Data Driven Intelligence

May 11, 2021

Companies paying for goods and services through various methods can experience challenges in being able to aggregate, analyze and make sense of those disbursements. As a result, it becomes problematic to track and consolidate expenses from a particular vendor and receive better rates through buying power. Furthermore, it leads to difficulty in identifying transactions that fall outside company policy and more importantly, what is outright fraud.

Our Expense Detect tool classifies and correlates data taken from the purchase transactions and presents the findings in a digestible way. It provides correlations and observations, as well as highlights any problem areas upper management may need to address through new policies. In terms of benefits, it automates manual labor processes, like analyzing and making sense of expense transactions, thus allowing companies to see where their employees spend the most money.

Watch the video below to find out how Expense Detect can help make sense of your data and save your company from potential revenue loss.

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