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Why is Gibraltar Emerging as a Hub for Digital Asset Funds?

Jul 18, 2019

In this segment, Bill Taylor, Chief Investment Officer, Fintek Capital LLC, discusses why he chose to launch his digital asset fund in Gibraltar.


Dara Albright: Bill, what prompted you to launch your Digital Aset Fund in Gibraltar?

Bill Taylor: We were prompted by U.S. jurisdiction after we started the process and a good friend at the CME, who is head of digitization, put the partnership together. I got a call from her from London one day and she said, “Bill, it looks like the digital gold product RMT has designed would not be available in the U.S. because our regulatory body couldn't define what that is.”

So we had to look for other jurisdictions, and we want it to be strictly secur. We understand security. In which jurisdiction can we get this done? We looked around the world, and we settled in Gibraltar because it is EU compliant, UK compliant, and it was light years ahead with a regulated exchange in which we could list our tokens.

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