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Blair Robbins on Schwab Network Discussing Logistical Impacts of Key Bridge Collapse

Apr 4, 2024

Blair Robbins, Audit Partner and Transportation and Logistics leader, was a recent guest on the Schwab Network’s Trading 360 program. Blair spoke with host Nicole Petallides and another guest on the economic impacts of the tragic Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore.

Blair discussed the herculean task of having to create a temporary channel in the Patapsco River, getting the equipment into the port to clear the wreckage, and finally freeing the bottleneck of ships stuck inside the port.

With other ports relatively close by to which cargo ships can be redirected, Blair thinks the bigger impact will be felt by the local economy versus the national economy. He points to local warehouses as well as trucking, which is also facing its own recent set of challenges with respect to the supply chain and driver shortages. 


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