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Trends Watch: Private Equity Opportunities

Sep 29, 2022

EisnerAmper’s Trends Watch is a weekly entry to our Alternative Investments Intelligence blog, featuring the views and insights of executives from alternative investment firms. If you’re interested in being featured, please contact Elana Margulies-Snyderman.  

This week, Elana talks with Shankar Gupta Boddu, Founder & General Partner, Unity Growth Fund LLC.

What is your outlook for PE investing?

We have gotten the much-needed reset from the ballooning valuations post-pandemic and this is bringing good opportunities in some selected private equity areas. This is a huge market and people with the right vision will be able to identify and build some great companies, go global and not restrict themselves to one country.

Where do you see the greatest opportunities and why?

There is a huge opportunity for cybersecurity services for the next decade and plenty of use cases in the metaverse. We also see great opportunities to integrate socially responsible investing, impact investing and sustainable investing.

What are the greatest challenges you face and why?

We like to challenge ourselves and to beat our high benchmarks we set for ourselves. Also, we want to make sure we are leaders in educating investors on the importance of responsible investing. And finally, being a large private equity fund doesn’t mean guaranteed success.

What keeps you up at night?

What keeps me up at night is how to address the greatest challenges mentioned above and thinking of strategies to minimize impact of macroeconomic conditions that we do not have a control on.

The views and opinions expressed above are of the interviewee only, and do not/are not intended to reflect the views of EisnerAmper.

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