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Eight Key Takeaways from Workiva Amplify 2023

Oct 9, 2023
Pim Tongchai

Thousands of finance, accounting, ESG, audit and risk professionals recently gathered in Nashville at the Workiva Amplify 2023 conference to share insights and discuss best practices for automating and simplifying complex work using Workiva’s cloud-based platform to streamline financial and compliance processes.


The conference discussed how firms can automate their processes via Workiva, including:

  1. Audit’s ESG Journey: Internal auditors have an opportunity to make an impact and help guide their organizations through the complex ESG landscape. 
  2. Unlocking the Power of Data: Make data management and reporting more effective.
  3. Digital Transformation Journey: Streamline and transform their business processes, like record-to-report, for more efficiency, automation, and higher ROI.
  4. Generative AI: Explore the future of generative artificial intelligence for reporting and assurance under one secure platform that finance, risk, and ESG teams can use.
  5. Smart Links: Share links across workspaces for standardization.
  6. Audit Analytics: Leverage data analytics to drive planning to ensure greater accuracy and more meaningful reporting.
  7. Designed Financial Reporting: Automate manual tasks and transform the entire financial close process across the organization.
  8. Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Connection with ESG: Integrate ESG risks into their overall risk management plans.

The biggest key takeaways that we learned from the keynote speakers resonated with the theme “breathing life back into finance and accounting teams.” It goes beyond just recognizing the immense potential of automation, the innovative generative AI tools, or the intricate problem-solving capabilities of Workiva, which serves as the core problem for GRC, ESG and financial reporting. It revolves around the embrace of the efficiency and time-saving advantages these tools bring to the forefront. 

This newfound power grants professionals the gift of time, enabling professionals to spend more time on strategic thinking and have extended hours to nurture their creative passions – reclaiming a work-life balance. This, in turn, sets in motion a continuous cycle of heightened productivity and fosters teams that are more engaged. 

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