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Leading the Way in Cybersecurity: A Woman’s Domain

Jul 3, 2018

It’s no secret that cybersecurity has historically been a male-dominated industry. However, as of late, more women have entered the field.

At Collaborate with Edge, a women’s leadership conference sponsored by The Women’s Collaborative and The Ivy Network, EisnerAmper discussed how more women are entering the cybersecurity field and imparted their expertise about what people need to know in order to protect themselves and their firms from the next looming cyber threat.
Here were a few things mentioned:

  • Not everyone working in IT or Security is a “techie” or “coder.”

  • There are lots of processes that make up cybersecurity, not just firewalls. It is important to know at each firm who has access to systems and to implement a process around keeping things secure to ensure client protection. 

  • Cybersecurity is a growth area for jobs and spending. Women should look at their skill sets and see how they could potentially transfer those skills into this field. Among some of the skill sets viable for career in the space are organization, designing processes around workflow, and being able to dispel jargon.

Collaborate with Edge drew women in leadership roles and highlighted relevant issues in the workplace, presenting strategies to help women advance and lead.

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