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Venture-Backed Technology Startups

You’ve gone through the challenging process of raising  capital—and now it’s time to execute on your plan.  

As a company that’s venture-backed, your priority is to generate revenue to continue to grow your business and meet investor expectations. All startups are described as high-risk/high-reward and with that comes high-growth potential. What’s your strategy for achieving the milestones ahead and delivering results? 

It’s likely you’re adjusting and adapting to the new ownership structure and requirements all while your time and attention are being pulled in multiple directions. Demands on a founder can vary from getting your financial house in order, to hiring the right talent, assessing product-market fit, growing your business, continually raising capital, dealing with competition, developing a company culture—and the list goes on. How are you prioritizing your efforts and measuring your progress?

Growth-Minded Insights for Technology Startups

Get access to tailored resources that can help you navigate the journey ahead—from EisnerAmper professionals who are committed to your success.

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Entrepreneur Academy

Learn about the essentials of growing your startup from our professionals passionate about entrepreneurship.  

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Capital Markets Updates

Get updates on the venture capital landscape, including an analysis of investment strategies and emerging opportunities.


TechTalk Podcast

Check out our newly released TechTalk podcast episodes with insights that may influence your next business decision.  

Scalable Solutions for Technology Startups 

Your needs will continue to evolve, depending on the stage of your company and priorities at any given moment. We can help free up your time, increase cash flow, and mitigate your concerns—so you can focus on growing your business. While EisnerAmper offers solutions for each stage of your business, founders of VC-backed technology companies most commonly seek out our team of stage-specific professionals for the following needs, and more:

Remain laser-focused on core competencies and business growth.

Outsourcing your back-office means being able to rely on someone else who’s able to handle everything from accounting, fractional CFO, finance and HR solutions so you can spend time on what matters most. Our team of professionals operate as an extension of your team.

Uncover tax savings opportunities and manage compliance requirements. 

Tax planning strategies can help identify opportunities for both you and your business. Our specialists know the latest tax law updates and what’s on the horizon, and we’re committed to assisting you in implementing strategies that will help accelerate your success. 

Manage spiraling IT costs and solve digital challenges.

Managing IT risk requires technology that’s efficient and responsive so your business can continue growing. Our proprietary risk frameworks and packaged solutions address vendor, insurance, industry compliance and peer benchmark requirements—delivered by one team.

Prepare for your exit event—whether you’re planning for a sale, recapitalization, or IPO.

Positioning your business to be ready for an exit requires your company to be diligence-ready in all areas of finance/accounting, tax, and IT. Our transaction advisory professionals can provide the necessary diligence support to create transparency and help you navigate complex transactions. 

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Introductions to capital connections.

Our incredibly expansive relationships span across the entire technology ecosystem, which means we’re a resource for capital formation, talent, and board members.

CEOs and Founders Partner with Us 

The need to meet your business milestones and reach the next investment round will continue. You can rely on us every step of the way—whether you need stage-specific solutions for your startup or personal mentorship along your entrepreneurial journey. We’re committed to  exceeding your expectations, and helping you reach your goals.  

Venture Capital

EisnerAmper's venture capital professionals help fund management stay attentive to their core responsibilities and investments objectives by delivering custom advisory and compliance solutions that support the ongoing success of the fund. 

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