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Private Equity-Backed Technology Companies

Your company has a proven track record of exceeding year-over-year growth projections—and you’re ready to scale your success to even further levels.  

You have an established operating company with recurring revenues, a growing workforce, and acceptable operating margins. What’s next? Capital expansion from private equity can give your company the financial boost it needs to continue to advance and grow. While some private equity groups (“PEGs”) will largely dictate the choices their portfolio companies make in terms of preferred advisors, operating arrangements, and people matters, other PEGs will defer to the portfolio company’s CEO to make those strategic decisions. But at the end of the day, both parties have the same end goal: achieving the most timely and profitable exit.  

Before you approach a PEG for investment in your company, you need to know the answers to how much money you need, how you are going to deploy it, and how you can scale your company as a result of a capital investment. After you receive a capital investment from a PEG, there are additional expectations to be met. How do you grow both the revenue/top line and profitability of your company in a relatively short period of time? How do you integrate seamlessly the next M&A acquisition? With the PEG continually seeking a buyer and additional funding, how do you ensure your company is always due diligence ready?  

Growth-Minded Insights for Technology Companies

Get access to tailored resources that can help you understand the industry trends and market dynamics from EisnerAmper professionals who are passionate about seeing you succeed. 

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Private Equity Industry Updates

Get updates on the private equity environment, including an analysis of trends and investment strategies. 

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Technology Industry Insights

Access Technology Industry insights covering timely news and information that may impact the growth of your business.  

Scalable Solutions for Technology Companies

As your business evolves and matures, investor requirements will almost certainly focus on growth and profitability. At EisnerAmper, we understand PEG investment criteria and expectations and tailor our services accordingly. Our goal is to help manage your workload, maximize cash flow, and address your concerns along the way—so you can concentrate on business strategy and growth. That's why PE-backed technology companies commonly seek out our industry professionals to assist with the following priorities, and more:

Understand the changing regulatory environment to mitigate tax liability.

Whether you've expanded domestically or internationally, your company has grown—and so have your tax compliance needs. From international to federal to state and local tax issues, EisnerAmper will help you stay in compliance at all times. We also go beyond tax compliance to help you take advantage of the tax savings opportunities available to your business. In addition to offering these tax planning solutions, our tax mitigation strategies help reduce your tax liability and ensure that you avoid potential penalties. Clients engage with us to help them take advantage of tax-efficient offerings and create ongoing tax strategies that will benefit them long-term.

Ensure you’re working with a nationally recognized audit firm.  

Due to the complexity of challenges businesses face today, your PEG may require that your company be audited by a nationally recognized firm. EisnerAmper is one of the largest accounting and business advisory firms in the world, with experienced professionals delivering high-quality audit expertise. Clients turn to us to examine and independently attest to the financial conditions of their business—spanning buy/sell side due diligence, internal control reviews, management reporting, and more. 

Be diligence-ready at any given moment—whether you’re preparing for a sale or acquisition or IPO.  

Diligence creates transparency for your transaction. EisnerAmper offers both sell-side and buy-side due diligence. We can help get your financial house in order by offering a high level of financial, technical, and accounting due diligence, depending on your needs. Our professionals advise clients each step of the way. Clients rely on our professionals to provide insights and actionable information about the deal drivers, strategic objectives, and important value considerations to support them during this rigorous process. 

Leverage technology to improve operating efficiencies.  

Your ability to quickly translate risk into opportunity can be a determining factor in the long-term success of your business. We can help position you for success by supporting you along your digital transformation journey—taking you through the entire process that includes strategy, operations, leadership, and supporting enterprise-wide adoption. Clients seek us out to improve their operating efficiencies that impact EBITDA and revenue, creating tremendous value that aligns with the goals of your PEG. 

Attract and retain top talent in your portfolio company.

To stay highly competitive, you need compensation solutions that support your efforts to attract, retain, and reward your best performing employees. EisnerAmper assists companies in reaching their goals by providing tailored, comprehensive compensation and human resource solutions. Clients benefit from EisnerAmper’s actionable guidance that addresses both short- and long-term business goals. 

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Introductions to capital connections.

Our incredibly expansive relationships span across the entire technology ecosystem, which means we’re a resource for capital formation, talent, and board members. 

Management Teams Partner with Us 

Working together to achieve the most timely and profitable exit is a team effort. You can count on EisnerAmper to be part of the solution—helping you efficiently and strategically move closer to your goals. Offering value beyond compliance, we’re dedicated to setting you up for success each step of the way.  

Private Equity

EisnerAmper's private equity professionals help fund management remain focused on their core responsibilities and investment objectives by supporting the success of the fund through custom audit, tax, and transaction advisory services. 

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