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Technology-Enabled Services for Health Care Companies

Technology increasingly informs how clients deliver care and conduct operations. Our clients seek support in maximizing their return on investment and enabling technologies while seeking novel platforms and solutions that reduce total costs of ownership. 

Furthermore, our entrepreneurial clients seek strategic input on how best to develop and market their new products/services.

  • System Architecture and Selection
  • Solution Optimization
  • Digital roadmap incorporating AI/ML, BOTs, Block chain
  • Identify and Realize Secondary Value of EHR Data
  • Virtual care integration - access to revenue management

Our team has deep collective experience in how to create digital assets to realize value. As the health care ecosystem moves toward precision medicine, our clients benefit by leveraging data to support care decisions, improve patient outcomes and maximize reimbursement rates with payers. In addition, we provide a road map for clients to realize the significant value of Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) to life sciences, medical device manufacturers and innovators in increasing effectiveness in product life-cycle management and clinical trials and generating new treatment approaches, a $170 billion market.

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Arvind P. Kumar

Arvind Kumar is Managing Director in the Health Care Services Group and Head of Digital Health Services within the firm.

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