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Enhance Risk Mitigation and Patient Safety Outcomes

Our Risk and Safety Analytics help health care organizations fuse leading indicators of risk across disparate systems and optimize embedded controls in their EHR, significantly reducing expenses and improving profitability. 

By leveraging the data already in med-mal claims, patient complaint, and patient safety systems, we link risk management with care delivery to mitigate patient harm and improve quality and experience. It’s a valuable new approach to optimizing financial performance and reducing patient harm.

Clients benefit from:

  • Reducing medical malpractice claims and related loss provisions
  • Improved defensibility, which reduces the legal cost of managing claims
  • Decreasing risk volatility and improving operational reliability
  • Quantifying the economic and operational value of reducing patient harm
  • Identifying emerging risks and implementing interventions
  • Improving patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Improving provider satisfaction
  • Strengthened brand protection and strategic advantage

Our Revolutionary Process

We identify care delivery workflow gaps where the opportunity for patient harm exists and provide automated processes and monitoring controls to address them.

Integrating Clinical Risk Data to Leverage Operational Reliability

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Arvind P. Kumar

Arvind Kumar is Managing Director in the Health Care Services Group and Head of Digital Health Services within the firm.

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