Friends of the Firm

EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm (FoF) program is a recruiting program designed to assist finance, accounting and HR executives as they progress through their job searches and introduce them to companies that are hiring. The program works with more than 2,500 executive-level candidates and dozens of companies throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Florida and Texas who have positions to fill.

Friends of the Firm members are professionals—generally former clients, EisnerAmper alumni or those introduced by an EisnerAmper employee—who are currently looking for a new position. During the normal course of business, EisnerAmper professionals come across many accounting and financial professionals, at all levels, who are looking for new opportunities. We also regularly receive calls and correspondence from companies, both clients and non-clients, looking to fill job openings. EisnerAmper is in a unique position to introduce Friends of the Firm to companies that they may not otherwise meet. The FOF program is designed to maximize these opportunities.

The program is designed to build relationships between EisnerAmper, Friends of the Firm and area businesses. There is no charge for this unique referral service.

For more information on EisnerAmper's FoF, contact Nkrumah Pierre.

Nkrumah Pierre
Managing Director

Shruti Kulkarni
FOF Coordinator


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