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What is a Friend of the Firm recruiter?

Friend of the Firm recruiters have gained the trust and respect of the firm over time and consistently offered high levels of support to our professionals in transition.

What benefits does the program offer for recruiters?

Our friends of the firm program gives recruiters access to the following resources:

  • Free candidate referrals for accounting, finance, human resources and general administration positions.
  • Confidential client searches.
  • Introductions to firm clients and other companies looking to hire executive search recruiters.
  • Ability to post jobs on the and send via our mailing list.
  • Networking opportunities with EisnerAmper professionals and other Friends of the Firm companies.
  • A dedicated team of Friends of the Firm Ambassadors to support you in your client search efforts.
  • Access to technical and industry audit, tax and accounting experts.
  • An enhanced relationship with EisnerAmper, one of the largest CPA firms in the northeast

How do I become a friend of the firm recruiting firm?

Friends of the firm recruiting firms may express interest in being accepted to the program by contacting a Friends of the Firm Ambassador.

How do I enroll in the program?

Simply send a note indicating your interest in the program to Ryan Corcoran at