Financial Services

Financial Services

By definition, financial services organizations operate in business environments that are complex, heavily regulated, and rapidly changing. At EisnerAmper, we have built an established, highly trained Financial Services Group dedicated to helping these entities meet their ongoing tax, audit, and compliance challenges, and set the stage for long term success and prosperity. 

EisnerAmper serves clients in the asset management and capital markets sectors with a comprehensive menu of tax, audit, advisory, and compliance and regulatory services. Financial services entities of all sizes engage us to help them address intricate tax or reporting questions, and advise them on strategic questions such as mergers and acquisitions, risk management and regulatory compliance. Whatever their specific product or service niche, our clients benefit from EisnerAmper’s experience and relationships that cut across the entire spectrum of financial services. We work regularly with managers, venture capitalists, attorneys and other professionals who power the industry. 

The Financial Services Group is committed to limiting the burden that our clients and prospective clients face in a variety of ways, including year-round webinars; roundtable events for emerging managers, CFOs and CCOs; our monthly breakfast series; and the Trends Watch Blog as well as quarterly newsletters. By engaging in ongoing communication with our clients and prospective clients, we help them focus on their primary directive and areas of business. 

The importance we place on fostering connections with clients is mirrored by our own focus on close, collaborative client work. EisnerAmper recognizes that the financial services clients we work with operate with different levels of existing in-house resources. In some cases, our professionals may function as outsourced financial staff for start-ups and early-stage entities; in other cases, our clients are already staffed or advised by skilled financial practitioners. It is a point of pride that EisnerAmper partners and senior practitioners make hands-on involvement with all clients a priority, regardless of client size. 

In recent years, many domestically-based EisnerAmper clients have expressed interest in multi-jurisdictional operations or international expansion. We are able to address their needs through EisnerAmper Global, an international network of independent member firms located in key financial centers around the world. 

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