Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Blog

Blogs November 18, 2021 When It Comes to ESG, It’s About Action

During EisnerAmper’s recent summit, Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (“ESG”) Leader Lisë Stewart held a panel on “ESG in Action: Sustainable Impact Driving Results,” that stressed the time for action is now when it comes to ESG.

Blogs October 28, 2021 What To Know About Oil and Gas Investing in 2022

A preview of an upcoming webinar for current and potential investors in oil and gas, focused on structure considerations and risk management, ESG implications, recent tax proposals, and current and future tax incentives.

Blogs October 15, 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Operational and Legal Considerations

Companies seeking to employ an ESG strategy are asking what their ESG risks are and what, if anything, they are doing to address these risks. This content features a recap of our recent webinar focused on those very questions.

Blogs October 14, 2021 How Can Directors Improve Corporate Sustainability?

It is increasingly more important for businesses to understand and adopt sustainable business practices not only for long-term profitability, but also to meet investor demands, as investors are more focused on environmental, social, and governance (“…

Blogs June 14, 2021 The Importance of ESG for Oil and Gas Companies

Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) is important for the oil and gas industry. Learn the benefits, long-term outlook and how to get started on an ESG program.

Blogs June 11, 2021 Part II: ESG Success Stories; Looking Ahead

Part II of EisnerAmper’s two-part ESG blog series from a recent webinar on the topic provides examples of ESG success stories and addresses some of the challenges and opportunities that ESG-focused managers face.

Blogs June 11, 2021 ESG: Today and Tomorrow’s Trends

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) social impact considerations has become more prominent in the alternative investment landscape. A recent webinar in which EisnerAmper participated in highlighted the differentiated ESG approaches that are st…

Blogs June 01, 2021 ESG Outlook Amongst Women VCs

This blog features a recap of the recent Bridge Conference event Impact Investing, Double and Triple Bottom Line and ESG.

Blogs May 06, 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility – Why Nike and Others Are Re-Using, Recycling and Refurbishing Products for Sale

Business seeking investors, customers and staff will need to pay close attention to their corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices going forward.