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WSJ Panel – Preparing for Climate Change Disclosure

Dec 20, 2022
Ari Weiss

In March 2022, the SEC proposed a new rule for climate-related disclosures for public companies in their registration statements as well as in their annual 10-K filings. Since the announcement companies have been preparing themselves internally for the upcoming enhanced rule to ensure that they are ready.  Charles Waring, EisnerAmper Partner and leader in their ESG Reporting Practice, and Christina Thomas, Kirkland & Ellis Partner, recently joined The Wall Street Journal for a 30-minute virtual discussion on how companies and compliance officers alike are preparing for the SEC’s enhanced climate disclosure requirements. The obstacles and challenges for both large and small companies are discussed including how to deploy internal and external staffing and resources to meet reporting demands, what level of assurance is necessary for their disclosures, and what how global companies will balance this new reporting. Additionally, the conversation focuses on whether companies have enough data to accurately report on their Scope 3 Emissions which are all indirect emissions that occur in the value chain of the reporting company. The conversation ends with key takeaways for compliance officers and Q&A with the audience.

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