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EA-Collect by EisnerAmper

Patients are becoming increasingly responsible for the out-of-pocket payment of health care services. As such, hospitals and physician groups are facing greater challenges collecting from self-pay accounts – commonly referred to as “patient responsibility.”

EA-Collect by EisnerAmper is a powerful analytical and process redesign and management service. EA-Collect enables health care providers to collect these revenues, which previously represented significant revenue leakage, recovering an additional 10% to 15% of self-pay charges.

What sets EA-Collect apart is its leading-edge technology and specially designed software in combination with Revenue Cycle Management and process re-design. In addition, EA-Collect’s analytics are backed by capital groups willing to underwrite on a non-recourse basis. Powered By TriCap Technology Group’s ARxChange, the system identifies and optimizes patient improvement targets in AR performance, by leveraging big data, advanced analytics, asset management techniques, and open market-exchange mechanics.  

EA-Collect analytics pinpoint the 20% of self-pay patients who have commercial insurance or Medicaid eligibility, identify charity care patients in order to facilitate increased government support and system compliance, and segment patients into 27 demographic groups to benchmark performance and prioritize collection efforts. These robust analytics result in actionable information that health systems can use to:

  • Perform dynamic, evidence-based segmentation analysis and market-value benchmarking.
  • Assist in managing patient receivables to an expected net return and achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Accurately predict performance, improve data integrity, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Establish net revenue yield performance, achieve cost-management efficiencies, and increase productivity.

Successfully in use at major hospital and health care systems, EA-Collect quickly identifies which patients to bill and when – regardless of the patient size or type. The result: reduced costs and increased revenues.

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