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Digital Transformation

Digital Solutions that Outpace the Speed of Change

Re- Imagine what’s Possible. Our Digital Guides are here to Realize Your Company’s Strategic Vision.

In the last year, we've seen digital transformation accelerate at a remarkable pace. A recent survey uncovered that 63% of leaders said the pandemic made organizations embrace digital transformation sooner.

With the race to digitize operations, generate new revenue streams and create a seamless experience for your customers or clients, the ability to translate risk into massive opportunity quickly is critical.

Digital Solutions for Finance Leaders and Beyond

Our Digital Transformation Solutions are uniquely positioned to support financial leaders like you. Adapting to change successfully through digital transformation can mean the difference between a failing and a thriving business. We’re with you through the entirety of your digital transformation journey including strategy, operations, leadership and supporting enterprise-wide adoption. Using emerging technologies such as blockchain, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence (AI), our high-impact solutions include:

Intelligent Automation

We’re changing how leaders manage their business processes, including financial close, through our proprietary DxHub Journey Methodology.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Leverage your own data to drive the most effective decisions. Gain valuable insights into your organization with data analytics and business intelligence.

System & Application Modernization

Boosting capacity without adding resources is how businesses can stay competitive in the marketplace. We help you leverage today's emerging technologies to do just that.

Transformation Starts with a Mindset of Collaboration

Automation and data analytics results that make an impact:

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Saved 350 hours per year, automating tasks

Designed and implementing automated processes using robotics process automation (RPA) technology to perform control testing across multiple data sources.

Industry: Finance

Reconstructed more than $200B in transactions

Reconstructed more than 200 billion dollars in transactions and compared to historical benchmarks.

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