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EisnerAmper & IBM Watson Solution

EisnerAmper Smart Audit

What is IBM Watson? How does the technology work?

IBM Watson is able to analyze unstructured data inside of customer contracts, parse the information into relevant concepts and clauses, and structure findings for auditors. It can also find differences among customer contracts, which is especially effective for clients who possess many contracts with slightly differing terms.

IBM Watson Workflow

How EisnerAmper Uses IBM Watson

Some of the ways that EisnerAmper is utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing to enhance the audit workflow:

Revenue from Contracts with Customers (ASC 606): This relatively new guidance outlines the necessary steps for recognizing revenue from customer contracts. Clients traditionally have many data sources relating to a transaction, such as master service agreements, invoices and purchase orders. It can become challenging for auditors to effectively monitor and collectively understand all of this information. IBM Watson is able to analyze an entire library of data and information, how it all interacts, and what risks auditors should consider. This powerful tool can help you to be ASC 606 compliant.

Leases (ASC 842): This update regarding the recognition of lease assets and liabilities on the balance sheet has accountants analyzing lease documents with greater scrutiny. By leveraging the knowledge of our industry experts with the rules of Natural Language Processing (NLP), we have designed a robust AI tool that can aid our auditors and clients in being ASC 842 compliant.

Contract Review: IBM Watson Machine Learning is a continuously developing knowledgebase that allows for advanced analysis of unstructured documents. We have developed a customized reporting tool that allows us to display all contract data read and analyzed by IBM Watson, viewable in one consolidated report. This type of reporting has our staff absorbing information they never had before, opening the door for new levels of analyses.

Intelligent Automation:  Enables you to empower your workforce with AI-powered automation with IBM Watson leading to achieving digital transformation goals. We have been enabling our clients to automate both business and technology to free up employees to focus on what they do best instead of repetitive and mundane tasks. 

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