Cybersecurity and Breach Response

Are You Confident Your Company’s Assets Are Secure and Protected?

Don’t Miss Another Night of Sleep Worrying About a Cybersecurity Threat. We’re Here for You.

To us, your data breach would feel like a personal attack -- like someone had broken into our own home. This is why we pulled together experienced leaders in the security and compliance space to be part of your remediation team that will also proactively prepare you with a smart security strategy ready to deflect even the most advanced attempts at your company’s data.

Knowing that one of the most significant financial impacts on the firm can come from a security breach, you have a seat at the cybersecurity table. Bring in security experts with a sought-after certification tool-belt (CISSP, CISA, CISM) to secure your company’s assets, verify your defenses and avoid costly downtime. 

A Cybersecurity Event Is a Matter of When, Not If

With hackers leveraging AI and the latest technological advancements, many cybersecurity professionals believe it’s not a matter of if your organization will suffer a cyber breach, but rather when the event will occur. Our team of security experts help prevent as much damage as possible through our best practice risk tools and methodologies that’ve been tested and proven successful.

Breach Response and Remediation that Gets You Back on Track

When that breach does inevitably happen, will your organization be prepared with a proper response?

Our Outsourced IT team has a group of seasoned security experts on standby ready to support your organization during a cybersecurity event. We have: 

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Experience managing damaging cybersecurity events and will immediately jump to action. Tools to help determine the extent of the damage the cybersecurity event unleashed. Established protocols to remediate the issues your company is facing and get you back to business-as-usual ASAP.

Our breach and response team can help you navigate the difficult times and get your organization back on track and avoid downtime that comes with a high price tag.

Be Prepared for the Unknown. Secure Your Company’s Assets with Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

While knowing who to entrust with an effective breach response is vital, a proactive cybersecurity strategy is recommended and is the first step to preparing for the unknown. Our cybersecurity experts are trained, certified and versed in proactive risk management. 

We help you uncover security gaps and apply security measures by providing ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of sensitive critical data through the use of the following:

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Cyber Risk Assessments
(NIST Security Standards)
Backup and Disaster Recovery Information Security Policy and Procedure Support Security Awareness and Training


vulnerability testing.png digital forensic.png compromise assessment.png post incident.png
Network and Application Vulnerability Testing and Scanning Digital Forensic and Incident/Data Breach Response Services Compromise Assessment Services Post-Incident Security Monitoring Services

Your Cybersecurity and Breach Response Experts

Our teams consist of highly trained and experienced IT risk and cybersecurity experts who have sought-after professional designations such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Microsoft Cloud Engineers and others.


Rahul Mahna
Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Rahul helps manage change and engender confidence in highly complex operating environments.