Cyber Assessments

Get a Comprehensive “Look” into Your Businesses Security, Website and Financial Risks with One of Our Assessments.

A company can’t achieve true peace of mind related to its defenses unless they continually verify that those defenses are sound and uncompromised. Taking a “look under the hood” approach, our suite of cyber assessments are designed to uncover vulnerabilities that may otherwise be overlooked. Whether it’s peeling back layers of the IT structure, scanning websites and the dark web for misconfigurations and stolen information, or a policy review, our goal is the same: Bring the unfound risks to the forefront and help establish a secure infrastructure. 

Every Gap in Your Security Posture Could Be Putting Millions at Risk

FiR$T Look - An Overall IT Assessment

Evaluates Total IT Risk and Bridges the Gap Between Security Risk and Its Financial Impact

Financial Risk of Security Technologies (“FiR$T”) Look is a proprietary tool created by our seasoned IT and risk management experts with one goal: to provide you with a checklist of where your current IT gaps are compared to your peers. Layered on top, we report what the potential financial impacts are based on your current position and show you the results in one easy-to-use dashboard. From this assessment, our cybersecurity guides establish a roadmap and recommend how your firm could spend your budget dollars to achieve the most return on your future IT investments.

FiR$T Look Focuses On Three Categories of Risk:


The Foundational Look considers the core security measures that are the building blocks to an overall risk management plan. These are areas that are essential to having the basics
of a security strategy:

  • Updated Operating Systems
  • Outbound Internet Filtering
  • Inbound Internet Filtering
  • Wireless Access Security
  • Spam Filtering
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Desktop Security

The Operational Look score takes into account security measures that dynamic growing companies should focus on to increase their security posture. As a business is running these are the next group of areas to be thinking of:

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Software Inventory
  • Multi Factor Passwords
  • VPN Authentication
  • Email Phising
  • Corporate Credential Theft
  • Risk Assessments
  • Administrative Access

The Proactive Look considers more advanced security considerations geared at forward thinking organizations that are actively preparing for future security threats. Forward thinking, a business should embrace these areas:

  • Log Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • IOT Device Security
  • Payments Compliance
  • Website Security
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Cyber Policy

Web Look – A Website-Focused Assessment

Protect Your Most Important Digital Assets

Competition, regulation and a growing remote workforce have put a strain on the technology and security requirements that businesses face today -- especially when it comes to websites. When companies move data to the cloud, provide web-based solutions or generate business online, malicious actors take advantage of businesses who don’t have a plan in place to secure their web applications.

A Web Look website assessment uses proprietary technology to discover existing vulnerabilities before the hackers do. If weak points are uncovered, our team of security software developers, cloud security professionals and business analysts will provide a remedy plan.  In addition, they will continuously monitor your website and software to protect against new threats.

Cyber Look – A Multi-Layer Assessment Package

A Total View into Your Cybersecurity Posture

This four-pronged assessment is cybersecurity-focused and predominately requested by CEOs, owners, and boards of directors that are concerned on how cybersecurity issues can impact their organization.  It is typically done as a one-time assessment and is appropriate for any size organization, in any industry.

The Cyber Look four pillars:

1. First Look Assessment

Without having to be at your location, our team provides observations and recommendations to address deficiencies and gaps from our years of successful engagements. In one painless process, this assessment uncovers your company’s IT risk and subsequent financial implications.

2. Web Application and Vulnerability Scan

We conduct a dynamic software cybersecurity scan and assessment to identify security gaps and misconfigurations with externally facing web applications and infrastructure and provide advice on those gaps.

3. Corporate Email/Credentials Scanning on the Dark Web

Intentionally hidden, the dark web is a hot bed for stolen personal information hackers use to exploit their targets for ransom. In this scan, we look for your employees’ and clients’ confidential data, like password information. If found, we provide recommendations for future prevention.

4. Policies and Procedures Review

Your ability to secure private information and maintain a strong infrastructure is only as good as the policies and procedures in place. Here, we examine all current documentation and policies and/or those in the process of being implementing and provide recommendations for attaining proper information security program standards.