Cloud Backups

As one of our constant hot IT service requests, Cloud Backups have been slowly going up our Top 10 It Services request list. The evolution of cloud backups has been long but well documented. EisnerAmper have been involved in backups in various shapes for years and we feel very excited about this product and its evolution in IT support services.

Server Backup History

Originally backups were essentially and mostly done with separate devices, internally or externally. Some familiar names in backups include: zip drives, tape backups, Seagate backup exec, optical drives and more. Everyone in the IT support industry has advised and needed backups at any level. If you had only a desktop computer, or you had a physical server, backing up the data has always been essential. One issue has always been if the backup would work. It has been hard to have visibility of the backup itself, did the medium work or degrade, was the file actually on the device, and would it actually work if you attempted to pull that backup off the device. These types of questions have kept IT support individuals up late at night.

New Backup Solutions

In the evolution of backups, EisnerAmper has readily embraced cloud backup technologies. We have found it’s extremely reliable and more importantly you can see the files on the screen easily and easily pull any file down and test it. It’s eliminated many of the problems and concerns with traditional backups we have experienced over the years. Also it leverages the concept of technology getting cheaper. Every year space and digital storage becomes cheaper and accordingly being able to use cloud backups becomes more affordable.

Business Class Backup Solutions

There are a number of consumer grade backup services you can find by doing a simple google search on the internet. They range from totally free to package software. Each has its own use and can be appropriate for the particular need. At EisnerAmper we focus on business grade solutions and offer 2 different types of backups solutions. Our job as IT professionals is to examine the customer’s needs and find out what the real solution can be for the right price. You can backup just files or you can have a full disaster recovery solution. Again the right solution for the right price is what we strive to achieve for our customers.

Also do not be fooled that your backup, although in the cloud, is safe. Backups can also be hacked and are often the most overlooked item in a security audit. It’s a surefire way for a hacker to get information of your company without every entering your IT infrastructure. It’s essential to pick the right cloud backup provider and examine what their security is to protect your data.

Cloud Backup Excellence

EisnerAmper has been offering IT services for 30+ years and we pride ourselves on offering the appropriate solution at the right price to our customers. Cloud backups are one of the hottest solutions we are implementing and we would encourage you to have a free evaluation of your current solution and let us advise if your backup solution is the appropriate solution today and for when a disaster happens and you actually need it.