Cannabis & Hemp

The cannabis industry continues its soaring growth – and pending legislation is only adding to expectations at both the federal and state levels. Reports state cannabis is a huge industry, north of $60 billion in the U.S alone. Meanwhile, in other countries such as Canada, the broader cannabis industry continues to expand rapidly -- and EisnerAmper is assisting companies and investors.

While cannabis is still federally illegal, U.S. states continue their march toward legalization. The 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (a.k.a Farm Bill) removed industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) from the federal Controlled Substances list. New and established cannabis and hemp companies require professional accounting and advisory services.

EisnerAmper’s unique credentials include:

Our team’s “real world” industry experience sets EisnerAmper apart from most accounting firms. Serving the entire supply chain means that we are able to efficiently and effectively anticipate and meet your needs.

For hemp and cannabis companies, we provide a full range of accounting, tax, and advisory services. Decades of experience have given our professionals the skills to handle all aspects of your business from start-up through maturity and exit. As your needs evolve, EisnerAmper has the resources to support you.

Proactive insight on regulatory changes. Our active involvement in the state, national, and international cannabis industry and our commitment to sharing regulatory alerts will help us prepare you to adapt to changes before they are required.

Compliance protection. We understand the importance of compliance with the IRS, state, and local governments. Our compliance services will satisfy your annual reporting requirements, and our people can get your business back on track.

Approachable customer service. We are committed to consistent communications before, during and after the completion of fieldwork. The presence of our experienced partners in every office enables us to resolve conflicts seamlessly and in a timely manner. Our process avoids burdening clients with unnecessary questions and requests.

Your Advisors
EisnerAmper is thoroughly knowledgeable in all matters of IRC Sec. 280E and recent Tax Court cases, FinCen guidelines, and the myriad state and local taxes, and is deeply connected to ancillary professionals within the industry.

With years of experience in accounting, tax, forensics and consulting, we efficiently consolidate business processes to minimize compliance burdens and allow you to run your business.

EisnerAmper Services Offered
Deal Structure
Due Diligence
Internal Audit and Internal Controls Review
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
IT Risk and Cybersecurity
Licensing Advisory
Operations Consulting
Outsourced Accounting
Process and Transformation Services
Quality of Earnings
Tax Planning and IRC Sec. 280E