Bonus Depreciation Increase

March 27, 2018

How to take advantage:

  • Increased to 100% until 2023, then phases down 20% per year after that
  • Applies to old property and used property


Ken Weissenberg:

One big thing is the bonus depreciation was increased to 100% until 2028 and then it phases down 20% a year after that. That applies not only to, two, old property, but three, it also applies to used property.

So, if you buy a building and you do a cost segregation study and part of that building is allocated to personal property associated with the building, you get to write that off in the year you buy it. That's a major change. A major bonus for real estate.

About Kenneth Weissenberg

Kenneth Weissenberg CPA, Tax Partner in Real Estate Services, is experienced in tax saving strategies and negotiating sales and acquisitions. He represents owners of some of the most well-known real estate properties in New York City.

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