Asset Relifing Services

Asset relifing is a niche accounting practice that reassesses the lifespan of the assets owned by your health care organization to better reflect the book value of your fixed assets’ depreciation lifespans by assigning more accurate “useful lives.” 

Oftentimes, providers are negatively impacting their bottom lines by over depreciating their assets based on outdated guidelines set by the American Hospital Association. Medicare depreciation reimbursement payments were implemented to recover these costs but have since been eliminated more than two decades ago—leaving many fiscal departments following outdated depreciation protocols without considering the negative impacts to the organization.    

Asset relifing presents the opportunity to break away from these antiquated standards by performing a fixed-asset study in order to assign more realistic lifespans.   

Benefits of Asset Refiling for Your Hospital 

  • Save on Depreciation Expenses
  • Increase the Book Value and Accuracy on Your Balance Sheet
  • Improve Your Credit Rating
  • Save on Insurance
  • Decrease Capital Expenditure Requirements
  • Improve Debt-to-Capitalization Ratio 

Our specialized team (comprised of former hospital and physician practice executives, certified coders, experienced consultants and licensed clinicians) offers a diverse health care background along with a full suite of consulting services.