Accounting & Audit

Audit and assurance services are provided by EisnerAmper LLP.

The velocity, volume and complexity of change that businesses face today are constant reminders of the need for high-quality accounting and audit expertise. In this environment – with proliferating regulation, emerging industries, and leapfrog technologies as just some of the challenges – “add-on” solutions sometimes no longer add up. EisnerAmper’s Accounting and Audit practice offers a comprehensive range of services to help organizations identify and address their current business challenges, while helping position them for opportunity tomorrow.

We work with enterprises of all sizes, from all industries, and inclusive of all business structures – public companies, private or closely held companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Clients engage our Accounting and Audit professionals to examine and independently attest to the financial conditions of their business. They also look to us for services such as assistance in merger and acquisition due diligence, internal control reviews or management reporting.

Our internal control reviews are designed to identify operational areas of greatest risk, identify points of weakness, and develop plans to redress these areas. Clients come to us for proven analytical procedures, benchmarked against both internal expectations and comparable peer organizations. They also turn to us to develop, implement and integrate structured financial systems; and to formulate or refine projections.

The preparation of management letters to support decision-makers is an additional and significant part of our Accounting and Audit expertise. The letters contain independent, professional, actionable insight and recommendations; are organized around broad accounting topics such as internal controls and tax planning; and are reviewed and updated throughout the year to monitor implementation and uncover new opportunities or challenges.

Our Accounting and Audit professionals recognize that our clients are frequently served or advised by skilled in-house financial practitioners. It’s our approach to provide trusted, independent opinions to these professionals and to company management.