Videos September 28, 2022 Startups: Tax Implications of Hiring Independent Contractors vs. Employees

In this video, you’ll learn about the three worker classification tests, filing requirements, and more in order to make an accurate worker classification/determination and avoid possible tax and legal exposure.

Videos September 21, 2022 What Is Your Strategy … for Talent?

A discussion on techniques and ways to develop a strategy that improves relations with your team and helps you compete for key talent.

Videos September 21, 2022 Investment Spotlight: Where Investors Are Looking for Future Performance

A discussion on which strategies are top of mind for investors going into 2023, What are the key differentiators when comparing funds and how an emerging strategy becomes a viable investment opportunity?

Videos September 21, 2022 Inflation’s Impact on the Global Market Ecosystem

A discussion on how inflation has impacted the Global Market Ecosystem, the outlook and deal pipeline for alternative investment managers and challenges and risks and opportunities in this market cycle.

Videos September 01, 2022 Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions for Life Sciences Startups

Cybersecurity poses a significant risk to life sciences startups that handle personal identifiable information. In this video, you’ll learn about the risks facing your business and how you can protect your clients and systems.

Videos August 05, 2022 When Do I Need to Get an IRC Sec. 409A Valuation for My Stock Options or Stock Grants?

A 409A valuation is used by private companies to assess the fair market value of their stock. In this video, you’ll learn when a 409A valuation is necessary, the length of time in which it is valid, and which events trigger the need for an update

Videos June 22, 2022 How to Align Your Company with ESG Ratings

What does it take to get real value out of your ESG framework and how to properly integrate it into your company's business operations for maximum impact.

Videos June 01, 2022 Capital Raising: What Are My Options—and How Do I Approach Investors?

In this video, you’ll learn about various options for raising capital, tips for creating your potential investor list, and how to approach investors.

Videos May 10, 2022 Beating the Odds – Achieving Post-Transaction Satisfaction

Lisë Stewart and Alan Wink discuss some of the important steps—such as conducting prior planning and having the best transaction team possible—to achieve that selling some or all of your business is a positive experience.