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Videos | Webinars November 21, 2019 8 Tips for Having a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Here’s a story of 8 tips for having a wonderful Thanksgiving. From our Center for Family Business Excellence to your family, all the best this holiday season.

Videos | Webinars November 06, 2019 Webinar: Alternative Investments Year-End Tax Update

This webinar will discuss how to operate in a complex and changing tax environment since the tax landscape has evolved considerably over the course of 2019, especially with Tax Reform.

Videos | Webinars November 06, 2019 Webinar: Dealing with IRS - Payment Plan Alternatives

This webinar is part of a series of webinars on how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service. During each webinar, we will explore a different topic that is essential for taxpayers or practitioners to know about when working with IRS personnel.

Videos | Webinars October 31, 2019 Key Issues for Successful Family Owned Businesses

Lisë Stewart shares critical insights into key concepts that can help keep family owned businesses going strong.

Videos | Webinars October 31, 2019 The 9 Secrets of Success for Family Businesses

Lisë Stewart describes the NINE secrets of success for family businesses. 

Videos | Webinars October 29, 2019 Webinar: Are Your Employees Enabling Hackers?

Listen in on our webinar that discusses how to identify how employees can be a risk for cybersecurity, as well as why these vulnerabilities continue and what can be done to prevent them.

Videos | Webinars September 30, 2019 Webinar: IRS Letters on Crypto Transactions: Compliance, Controversy, and Enforcement

This webinar explains what each one means, how to navigate next steps – as well as what to do about prior and future cryptocurrency transactions.

Articles August 12, 2019 Legacy Obligation Trust: In-kind asset contributions as a new funding approach for municipal pensions

EisnerAmper's Michael Imber spoke about pros and cons of utilizing government capital assets as a means of improving funding ratios.

Videos | Webinars August 06, 2019 Webinar: Dealing with the IRS: Collection Division

This webinar will explain how to list prerequisite whenever contacting the IRS, determine who can represent taxpayers and determine how to initially handle the IRS auditor in an audit.