Videos January 13, 2021 The Importance of a Board of Directors

As a part of EisnerAmper’s Foundations for the Future: Real Estate Family Series, Todd Hankin, the leader of EisnerAmper’s West Coast Real Estate Private Equity Group interviewed his client, Max Levine, CEO of NICO.

Videos December 08, 2020 Extended Question and Answer Segment with Reggie Fils-Aimé
Videos December 02, 2020 Breaking the Rules: When is a Family Office Right for You?

Join us for a dynamic conversation featuring Kenneth Drummond, CFO of The Johnson Company, as we break down the aspects to consider when determining if a family office is right for you. Also, Laura Macca, Director at EisnerAmper, will highlight the t…

Videos December 02, 2020 Breaking the Rules: Sports in the Bubble

Leagues such as the NHL, NBA and MLS paved the way for other leagues amid the COVID-19 pandemic, creating bubbles for their teams to continue doing what they know and love in a safe space.

Videos December 02, 2020 An Entrepreneur’s Story

Listen to our interview with client, Bill Shaid, CEO of Paintech, as he shares his journey from bustling entrepreneur to a thoughtful, strategic business professional.

Videos November 23, 2020 Highlights from the Fireside Chat hosted by EisnerAmper CEO Charles Weinstein with Donna Brazile and Karen Hughes

Charles Weinstein interviews Donna Brazile and Karen Hughes during EisnerAmper's Alternative Investment Summit. The trio discussed the 2020 U.S. presidential election and what may lie ahead for the country and world. 

Videos September 30, 2020 A Blueprint for Real Estate Families

We’re introducing an exciting new collaboration between the Center for Family Business and EisnerAmper’s Real Estate Group. If you’re a real estate investor, get the tools you need to grow your family business.

Videos September 24, 2020 On-Demand Panel: This Way Up: How Alternatives Should Look to Reorient in Q4 and Beyond

A discussion on how these pushes and pulls will shape the hedge fund space in Q4 and beyond.

Videos September 24, 2020 On-Demand Panel: LP Perspectives in the COVID-19 Environment

Executives from the limited partner community discuss their top-of-mind considerations in today’s environment and how general partners can reevaluate their own investment, financing and key business processes to reassure LPs amid COVID-19 concerns.