Videos May 10, 2022 Beating the Odds – Ensuring Post-Transaction Satisfaction

Lisë Stewart and Alan Wink discuss some of the important steps—such as conducting prior planning and having the best transaction team possible—to ensure that selling some or all of your business is a positive experience.

Videos April 22, 2022 Beyond the Magic Number – What to Plan for When Anticipating an M&A

Lisë Stewart and Alan Wink will share some of the important elements of making sure the transaction is successful, for all parties involved.

Videos April 22, 2022 What Technology and Life Sciences Companies Need to Know about being Acquired by a SPAC

Becoming a public company through an acquisition by a SPAC is an alternative to the traditional initial public offering (IPO). In this video, you’ll learn some key considerations that a technology or life sciences company should keep in mind before b…

Videos April 13, 2022 Hitting the Right Number on an M&A Deal

All owners of private companies want to maximize the value of their equity. Understanding the key elements of value creation will certainly help a company achieve the right number upon exit. Appropriate planning and execution will ensure superior res…

Videos April 01, 2022 Going Global: How to Report Your Foreign Operations for Tax Purposes

In this video, we’ll examine why reporting on foreign operations for tax purposes is an important matter for technology and life sciences start-ups doing business abroad.

Videos March 16, 2022 SAS 136: What It Means for Plan Sponsors

What are the key components of SAS 136, which is effective for December 31, 2021, plan year-ends, and its impact on 401(k) and other ERISA plans and their corresponding plan sponsors.

Videos March 09, 2022 What Tax Considerations Does My IPO Trigger?

Is your company preparing for (or have you recently had) an IPO? In this video, you’ll learn about the impact that an ownership change under IRC Sec. 382 can have on the utilization of net operating loss (NOL) carryovers and other factors that can in…

Videos February 15, 2022 Medical Device Companies: Consideration for Consignment Inventory and Related Sales Process

Many medical device companies have chosen to deploy a consignment inventory and sales approach for their related products. In this video, you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy for both the company and third parties, as …

Videos January 13, 2022 S Corporation vs. C Corporation: Breaking Down Different Tax Requirements for New Corporations

Choosing the entity type of your new business can be complex and overwhelming. Learn the differences in tax requirements and qualifications and see which is the best fit for you.