The Bottom Line Podcasts

Podcast December 16, 2020 Why Cloud Accounting Makes Sense for Your Company - Part 2

John Delalio discusses why Cloud Accounting is an alternative for your business, especially during COVID-19, and how cloud accounting can help if your considering raising capital or selling the business.

Podcast October 29, 2020 Why Cloud Accounting Makes Sense for Your Company

John Delalio explains what Cloud Accounting is, why accurate and timely information is critical, and how outsourcing your accounting department can benefit your company.

Podcast August 19, 2020 State and Local Tax Issues Surrounding COVID-19

In this episode of “The Bottom Line,” Tim Schuster discusses some of the state and local tax (SALT) issues related to COVID-19.

Podcast July 06, 2020 My Trusted Business Advisor Is Retiring. What Should I Do?

Tim Schuster gives some helpful hints for when you find out your trusted business advisor is planning to retire.

Podcast May 15, 2020 Business Planning During COVID-19

This episode covers how business owners can work with their trusted advisors to properly leverage the COVID-19 government stimulus programs.

Podcast March 27, 2020 SBA Disaster Assistance Resulting from COVID-19

Tim Schuster discusses low-interest SBA loans for businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

Podcast March 24, 2020 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Tim Schuster gives a high-level overview of the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”.

Podcast February 12, 2020 What Is An Outsourced CFO?

In this episode, we discuss what an outsourced CFO is, when would you want to outsource your CFO and how this can impact the Great Transition.

Podcast January 13, 2020 The 5 W’s of 1099s

EisnerAmper discusses the who, what, when, where and whys of 1099 forms.