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Kenneth Weissenberg, Chair of Real Estate Services EisnerAmper, Welcomes You

Nov 3, 2017

As the unofficial master of ceremonies, Ken notes the excitement and charged atmosphere of the Summit. Real estate professionals today need to be on top of a myriad of issues—all in real time. The Summit provides a forum for real estate leaders to learn what’s going on today and what the future may hold as well as make valuable, lifelong connections. According to Ken, the many attendees commenting that “this event has greatly influenced my real estate strategy” has made it all the more worthwhile.


EisnerAmper is a global accounting and advisory firm with offices in 11 cities in the U.S. and six countries around the world. 

We’re here today at the Lotte Palace hotel for the iGlobal EisnerAmper Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit. It’s a really exciting day.

We have 50 of the top speakers of real estate talking today, interacting with the audience. We have a lot of people just really excited to be here, the atmosphere is charged, we have moderators and panelists who are just phenomenal – Larry Silverstein, Francis Greenburger, William Mack, and Joe Sitt. Governor Patterson is taking about infrastructure and security in the City of New York – just really exciting place to be.

We’re talking about not only what’s going on in today’s market but what the future holds. We’re looking at the uncertainty that exists today both politically and economically, the global climate, and it’s really exciting. There’s a lot to learn, and valuable connections are being made. People are saying that their strategies have been influenced by what they hear here – that they’ve made connections here that they’ll benefit from forever. If you’re not here this year, we hold events throughout the country, throughout the year. Go to our website (, look what’s going on, and contact us if you want to be part of it.

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