Lisë Stewart discusses silver spoon kids in family owned businesses, the next generation, respect from coworkers and their salary and lifestyles.

The Dangers of Entitlement - Tips to Avoid the Silver Spoon Syndrome


Children growing up in family businesses often feel trapped because they have been given titles and salaries that are not commensurate with their skills and education, but have a lifestyle that is now dependent upon their financial status. A failure to earn respect and position by virtue of our skills and actions tends to destroy both our sense of personal value and our surrounding relationships.

To avoid trapping the next generation in a life of constant failure, ridicule, low self-esteem and frustration, Lisë Stewart offers some simple guidelines for parents to consider. A little planning can make the difference of a lifetime.


Tim Schuster: Hello and welcome to our podcast. I’m your host Tim Schuster, and with us is Lisë Stewart, a director and founder in EisnerAmper’s Center of Family Business Excellence. In this episode we’ll discuss the recent article Lisë published about family business dynamics and how to avoid trapping the next generation in a dead end role. Lisë, great to see you.
Lisë Stewart: Great. Thanks, I’m really, really pleased to be here.

Lisë Stewart is Principal-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Center for Family Business Excellence within the Private Business Services Practice. Lisë has experience in organizational development, strategic planning and training, and human performance management.

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