Shawn Carson

  • Director, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


Shawn Carson is a Director in the International Tax Services Group. His 25 years of international taxation experience includes all forms of international structuring, restructuring, financing and mergers and acquisitions work. 

Shawn advises commercial and real estate clients on tax-efficient structures for U.S. companies investing overseas, foreign companies investing into the U.S., and tax-efficient supply chain management. He also works with hedge funds, private equity funds and other financial services companies on international structuring. In addition, Shawn has significant experience in transfer pricing, having worked on projects with several major U.S. and U.K. multinationals to implement or defend pricing policies, including APAs. 

Shawn is knowledgeable in the tax systems of many countries, including Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, China, Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries, Australia, and India, as well as several countries in Europe.

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