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IT Governance Solutions that Help You Build Trust with Your Clients and Partners

The foundation of a sound information technology strategy begins with having proper governance in place.

Without an established set of objectives, performance targets , and policies that your employees, third parties, and stakeholders adhere to, it’s impossible to manage risk levels for implementing and managing technology, especially in the event of a system outage or malicious attack.

Today, your boards, clients, vendors, and insurers all have expectations of proper governance over your technology stack. Bringing in a trusted advisor to assess and craft a strategic improvement program is essential to implementing and maintaining meaningful IT practices.

Keep Pace with Evolving Compliance Standards

Our firm’s long history in providing audit and tax services makes us naturally focused on risk and compliance. The team of professionals at EisnerAmper Digital are highly-versed in creating IT governance standards specific to your organization’s industry. 

Using proprietary software and tools, we help you develop and maintain IT governance protocols to meet the highest levels of compliance and keep pace with evolving regulations each year.

Create Room for Growth by Reducing Risk

Today, security threats come at you from every angle, crack, data point, and weak link. How well you prepare is an indication of how well you can mitigate future risks. Our expert team of IT risk specialists can help you find even the smallest gaps while guiding you to continually help your organization follow the established risk protocols.

Risk frameworks our IT risk professionals specialize in are:






CIS 18

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