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EisnerAmper has earned an excellent reputation for helping clients determine the value of their businesses, ownership interests and intangible assets for varied purposes including litigation, gift and estate planning, market transactions and financial reporting.

EisnerAmper offers a team of valuation analysts and qualified appraisers providing a wide range of appraisal skills to meet all of your needs, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a closely held business. 

Fair Value Financial Reporting

EisnerAmper’s team offers in-depth and custom-tailored solutions for purchase price allocations, real estate, personal property, securities, options pricing, and enterprise valuations. 

Tax Reporting

When valuating any asset or estate, from charitable contributions to employee stock option plans and compensation, it is imperative to anticipate and plan for any taxable liabilities to avoid surprises in the future. 

Litigation Valuations

Accurate and timely valuations play a crucial role in various types of legal cases and litigation. EisnerAmper’s team delivers complex valuations in areas such as business interruption, partner/shareholder disputes, divorce, insurance, and more. 

Estate or Gift Planning

Estate and trust planning, while often a tough topic, is necessary regardless of health, age, or income. This allows you to transfer wealth, reduce taxes, and perpetuate your business with confidence.  

Mergers, Acquisitions and Buy/Sell Agreements

Whether you’re planning to sell your business in full or transfer ownership, EisnerAmper’s professionals can help your team understand the market value of your business, its ownership interests and its intangible assets, which are critical to developing a strategy that can maximize a transaction’s effectiveness. 

Bankruptcy Valuation Advisory

EisnerAmper’s team has extensive experience in helping business leaders get restarted on the right foot. Emerging from bankruptcy or a full liquidation calls for a ‘new fresh start accounting’ valuation of one’s entity, including all its assets and liabilities. 

Intangibles/Intellectual Property Valuation

EisnerAmper’s professionals understand the appropriate valuation methodologies and approaches for valuing intellectual property assets, goodwill, customer lists, and more.  

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