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In today’s complex environment, litigation or threatened litigation in estate and trust matters is common and often involves accounting and financial issues requiring forensic accounting, valuation, asset and income verification and even reconstruction of the statutory accounting. 

EisnerAmper has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive analysis and reporting of the accounting and financial aspects involved in the case. We work closely with counsel, utilizing our forensic accounting skills to trace income and asset transactions to provide written expert reports of our findings or damages.  We also prepare valuation reports for assets or business interests that are part of the estate.

A valuation for an estate tax filing is subject to IRS review and must meet the requirements of being a “qualified appraisal.”  EisnerAmper’s valuation experts possess the credentials required to be classified as qualified appraisers, and we utilize our thorough knowledge of valuation methodology and best practices to prepare valuations for estate filings which withstand IRS scrutiny.   We have successfully defended our valuations with IRS field agents; thereby, avoiding district and tax court proceedings.  Our experts have testified in state and district court on tax issues involving estate returns.

By thinking ahead and keeping a sharp eye on meaningful issues, we produce conclusions which stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny and achieve outcomes that exceed expectations.

Estate Investigations Services provided:

  • Forensic investigations of alleged fraudulent conduct or fiduciary breaches by trustees
  • Investigation of the financial and economic compliance with the terms of the trust
  • Verification of trust and estate assets
  • Analysis of financial transactions
  • Trust accounting review or reconstruction
  • Estate and gift valuations 
  • IRS defense services related to valuations and estate returns

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