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Studies show that organizations lose approximately 5% of their revenue to fraud each year.

Managing fraud risk and regulatory compliance exposure are pressing business challenges in normal times and in times of crisis. 

Optimizing Fraud Investigations and Compliance Functions

EisnerAmper’s Forensics practice consists of dedicated professionals with decades of experience responding to allegations of fraud, bribery and other misconduct across various industries. Our team supports organizations as they improve their anti-fraud and compliance programs through proper policies and procedures designed to safeguard your business’s assets and reputation.

If your organization is considering rightsizing, looking to do more with less, or undergoing other transformational changes, EA Protect can help you perform all the activities necessary to manage your investigations and compliance risks. Because each organization is unique and one-size does not fit all, we tailor solutions that meet your specific needs in a cost effective manner.

Service Offerings

  • Anti-fraud/anti-corruption risk assessments
  • Forensic due diligence
  • Integrity monitoring and compliance
  • Code of Conduct, ethics and FCPA training
  • Fraud and forensic accounting investigations
  • Hotline/whistleblower internal investigations
  • Digital forensic and incident/data breach response
  • Fraud and fidelity insurance claims
  • Litigation and regulatory enforcement support

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Benefits of EA Protect

Subject-Matter Expertise

  • Draw upon professionals with deep investigative, risk, and assurance expertise
  • Provide unbiased responses to allegations
  • Stay up-to-date with latest cybersecurity, technology, and regulatory developments
  • Enhance your control environment with our seamless integration with EisnerAmper’s internal audit and IT experts
  • Train your internal team on complex and technical topics
  • Support your internal team when they are overwhelmed, shorthanded or require specific expertise

Business Operations Optimization

  • Respond immediately to identify and reduce losses from fraud
  • Augment your existing investigations capabilities on an as-needed basis
  • Improve your internal metrics (KPIs) by increasing the number of cases closed or money recovered
  • Reduce risk by achieving more effective controls
  • Harmonize and realign controls through robotics and process automation to gain substantial efficiencies
  • Focus on your core business objectives while we handle the unpredictable nature of investigations and cyber threats as they occur

Cost Containment

  • Provide effective solutions leveraging lower-cost resources
  • Facilitate early detection to prevent fraud and avoid expensive investigations
  • Maximize your ability to respond to fraud allegations without the fixed costs
  • Automation of controls reduces labor intensive process and frees up resources for focus on high risk areas

Optimize Your Business

We work closely with you to create a custom-tailored solution that meets your business strategy. From providing a single loaned staff when you are under a tight deadline, to the outsourcing of your entire investigations function, we can be flexible to support your specific needs.

Customized Support Based on Your Needs

Program Review/Development

  • Policy/procedure assessment
  • Anti-fraud program review
  • Establish/update compliance policies
  • Establish investigation protocols
  • Establish a third-party anti-corruption risk program
  • Review corporate insurance policy

Risk Assessments

  • Fraud and compliance risk assessments
  • Evaluate the fraud risk management program using COSO/ACFE principles
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Identify gaps and provide improvement recommendations to existing internal controls

Investigations and Compliance Assessments

  • Fraud and forensic accounting investigations
  • Hotline/whistleblower internal investigations
  • Evaluate and monitor anti-corruption compliance programs
  • Leverage forensic data analytics
  • Liaise with insurers and law enforcement
  • Report of findings and remediation plans

What's on Your Mind?

We take long-term views when developing our relationships and are committed to our clients’ growth and success. We demonstrate this commitment through aggressive pricing, offering fee-free insight sessions and direct access to our firm leaders and thought leadership.

Contact us today to discuss how EA Protect can help optimize your fraud investigation and compliance functions.