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Through a heavy emphasis on innovative technology and process automation, we are making the claims verification process more efficient, helping eligible claimants receive the compensation they deserve.

As part of EisnerAmper’s Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services Group, our team of seasoned professionals have extensive experience working with law firms, claims administrators and regulatory agencies, providing verification of claim loss amounts for Settlement Funds and Fair Funds.  

These engagements encompass an independent calculation of an agreed-upon number of large claims and a stratified statistical sample from the remaining population of claims. 

Reliable Claims Verification Services 

For each claim verification assignment, we gain a thorough understanding of the allocation methodology reflected in the Distribution Plan before planning its engagement and customizing its procedures. 

Then, working with Lead Counsel and/or the Claims Administrator, we consider the size of the Settlement Fund, both in dollar amounts and number of claims, as well as the complexity of the Plan of Allocation, before recommending an appropriate sample selection. 

Sample tasks in our verification process include: 

  • Review claim form and authorized signatures.
  • Verify supporting documentation provided is in accordance with the Fund's Distribution Plan.  
  • Verify opening and ending holdings, along with relevant period transactions are supported and balance.
  • Review deficiency notices mailed to Claimants and related responses.
  • Prepare independent claim loss calculations in accordance with Fund's Distribution Plan.
  • Verify Claimant eligibility.

Sample eligible securities include common and preferred stock, options (puts and calls) as well as various notes, digital assets and other financial instruments. 

A Trusted Claims Verification Partner 

Our team of professionals is detail oriented and has extensive experience handling large document volume claims verification engagements. We also leverage our Enterprise Technology and Information group to assist in automating procedures and processes, where applicable, to assist in making our engagements more efficient. Working directly with law firms, fund administrators and the SEC, we provide accurate and timely verification services for settlement funds and fair funds of all sizes. 

Other Settlement Fund Related Services 

EisnerAmper has assisted with the accounting, processing and distribution of funds, including disbursing billions of dollars of funds as part of one of the largest undertakings of victim relief in history. In addition, EisnerAmper prepares tax returns for approximately 40 – 50 Qualified Settlement Funds.  

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