Environmental, Social and Governance Services (ESG)

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Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) policies are becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes, across all sectors.

Many advisors view CSR and ESG policies as a purely financially driven consideration. While research has shown that companies that employ CSR and ESG practices do perform more favorably than those that do not, at EisnerAmper, we know that the desire to be socially conscious goes well beyond the financial implications. Rather, a company’s focus on these areas is a multi-faceted decision to attract a diverse and socially conscious group of employees, give back to the communities in which they operate, align their business operations with their personal values, appeal to investors with similar objectives and many other unique reasons.

Factors most frequently considered in companies’ corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance policies include:

Environmental Social Governance
Energy Consumption Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Quality of Management
Pollution Child and Forced Labor Board Independence
Climate Change Community Engagement Conflicts of Interest
Waste Production Health and Safety Executive Compensation
Natural Resource Preservation Stakeholder Returns Transparency and Disclosure
Animal Welfare Employee Relations Shareholder Rights

Additionally, companies that have already taken the initiative to implement CSR and ESG practices are attempting to validate those practices and represent to their investors, employees and other stakeholders that the company is meeting the socially conscious objectives to which they have committed.

EisnerAmper has an integrated cross-disciplinary team of professionals who can support companies in developing and implementing corporate social responsibility policies or validating those environmental, social and governance procedures currently in place. Our team’s experience in organizational design, business performance improvement and attestation services makes us uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Services

  • CSR and sustainability consulting
  • Design and implementation of corporate social responsibility practices
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Employee recruitment, retention and development
  • Philanthropy and community commitment
  • Board education

Environmental, Social and Governance Services

  • Readiness for reporting of ESG practices
  • Assessment of existing ESG practices under SASB, GRI and other frameworks
  • Attestation report over ESG disclosures and metrics
  • Forensic Analysis of Companies Claiming ESG
  • ESG Investing / Impact Investing
  • Real Estate Investing and Training (LEED and ESG)
  • Not-for-Profit Due Diligence on ESG Grant Recipients
  • Corporate Governance