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Articles February 01, 2022 Addressing a Growing Company’s Financial Reporting Needs

As the company grows, so does the need for useful financial information and management, along with the tools and expertise to acquire and leverage the related information.

Blogs January 26, 2022 Three Strategies for Providing Professional Growth Opportunities to Employees

Three strategies organizations can implement to provide professional growth opportunities to their employees, including offering transparent communication, creating paths of progression, and implementing individual development plans.

Articles January 13, 2022 When Does It Make Sense to Build an Advisory Board?

Advisory boards can add significant depth of knowledge and experience to the management and oversight of a business, but they need to be assembled and used strategically.

Videos January 05, 2022 Coaching

Matthew Kerzner and Natalie McVeigh, Managing Directors in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance, discuss the common types of coaching and what to look for when selecting a coach for yourself.

Podcast January 05, 2022 Simple Assessments

In this podcast Natalie McVeigh, Managing Director in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance, discusses Simple Assessments; DISC or MBTI, for example.

Videos January 05, 2022 Family Enterprise Advisor Styles

Natalie McVeigh, a managing director in the Center for Individual & Organizational Performance, helps us understand what family business advising means, including the six disciplines of the field, and how to identify the right expertise for your ente…

Podcast December 03, 2021 Emotional Intelligence Profile (EQP) Assessment

EQ is about 80% of our success in business. What is it? Why is it important? How do you measure it? We answer these questions and discuss how it relates to sustainable behavioral change.

Videos December 02, 2021 Succession & Transition

Hear the important steps a business owner or executives should consider during succession planning and leadership transitions from Matthew Kerzner, Ph.D., a managing director in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance (CIOP).

Articles November 22, 2021 Looking at Trusts Through the Lens of Family Dynamics

It is important for all parties involved in trusts—including the grantor, trustee(s) and beneficiary—to understand the intention of the trust and ensure its rules support them because family assets are often tied directly to trusts.