Priyansh Bafna

  • Manager, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


Priyansh Bafna is a Manager in the firm’s financial services & employee benefit plans group. With 5 years of professional experience, Priyansh has a deep understanding of the complex accounting processes and regulations that govern investment companies, including hedge funds, fund of funds, and private equity clients, as well as employee benefit plans under US GAAP.

Priyansh is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of the audit process, from planning and substantive testing to issuance. In addition, he plays a key role in providing on-the-job and classroom training to colleagues, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.

Prior to joining the firm, Priyansh served as an Articled Assistant at a mid-sized chartered accountancy firm. In this role, he was responsible for performing statutory audits, tax audits, and limited reviews under Indian GAAP for a wide range of public and private companies, including banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing companies.

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