Blogs January 23, 2020 Trends Watch: Niche Strategies

A discussion of the outlook for niche investment strategies with Abby Flamholz, managing member or Worth Venture Partners.

Blogs January 22, 2020 A Sequel Much Worse Than the Original: Planning for GST Tax on Nonexempt Trusts

A discussion of planning for the generation skipping transfer (“GST”) tax on nonexempt trusts.

Blogs January 22, 2020 Creative Planning Techniques with Grantor and Non-Grantor Trusts

A discussion of who retains certain powers over the administration or benefits of property transferred to a trust and may be deemed to continue to be the owner of that property for income tax purposes under IRC Secs. 671 through 677.

Blogs January 21, 2020 New Jersey Increases Annual Cap on Film Tax Credit

NJ has just increased the annual cap from $75 million to $100 million for the NJ film tax credit program and extended the program’s sunset date to July 2028. An additional benefit allows the carryover of any excess amount of the annual allotment to t…

Blogs January 21, 2020 Planning for Retirement Benefits After the SECURE Act

A discussion of the SECURE Act and it’s radical impact on estate planning, including eliminating the life expectancy payout and replacing it with a maximum ten-year post-death payout period for most retirement benefits.

Blogs January 21, 2020 New Jersey’s Film Tax Credit Agreed Upon Procedures: Ready for Its Close Up

The requirement for a film production company and its CPA to submit an agreed-upon procedures report to the NJ Economic Development Authority in order to review the Garden State Film Tax Credit.

Blogs January 20, 2020 New Jersey “Exit Tax” – The Truth Behind this Misnomer

Analysis of the often misunderstood New Jersey ‘exit tax.’

Blogs January 20, 2020 Peripatetic Clients: No, It’s Not an Illness but They Need Your Constant Care

A discussion of state taxation issues including changing residency and domicile, incomplete nongrantor trusts, and the state income taxation of trusts after a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court.

Blogs January 20, 2020 Cures for a Cosmopolitan Hangover: What We’re Doing for International Clients Following Tax Reform

A discussion of recent changes to the international private client landscape and planning opportunities, including CFCs, Grecian Magnesite, planning for inbound real estate investment and changes in the electing small business trust (“ESBT”) rules al…