Blogs January 31, 2023 Acquiring and Partnering with Advisors: Ingredients for a Successful Alliance

This content features a recap of a session titled “Acquiring and partnering with advisors -- ingredients for a successful alliance” from the 2022 GAIM Ops West conference.

Blogs January 26, 2023 Trends Watch: Long/Short Investing in Volatile Markets

A conversation focused on the outlook for long/short investing with Guy Cohen of Montal Capital.

Blogs January 23, 2023 New Jersey Announces Federal Action Plan Spending $228M on Ida Recovery

NJ Governor Phil Murphy approved of an action plan distributing more than $228 million in federal emergency funds to New Jersey homes and communities impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Blogs January 19, 2023 Navigating Your Business with Digital Transformation

The author discusses how digital transformation, a continuous improvement and innovation process that enables companies to stay competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape, can fundamentally improve how a business operates and delivers value to…

Blogs January 19, 2023 A Great Year in VC Tempered by Declining Quarterly Results

Will declines in VC activity continue into 2023, or will the dry powder sitting on the sidelines get invested and set up 2023 for a record performance?

Blogs January 19, 2023 Trends Watch: Real Estate Private Equity Investing

A conversation with Jason Bordainick of Hudson Valley Property Group regarding the outlook for real estate private equity investing.

Blogs January 18, 2023 2023 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Gets a Strong Health Assessment

A recap of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, a large gathering focused on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and featuring industry investors, executives and analysists from around the globe.

Blogs January 17, 2023 Structuring Inbound Investments into U.S. Markets

This content focuses on a session from the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning discussing investing in the U.S. markets by non-U.S. citizen non-residents and how they can minimize exposure to U.S. income and transfer taxes.

Blogs January 17, 2023 The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Ethics and Privilege Landmines with Gifts and Form 709

This Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning session focused on privilege and ethics issues featured coverage of how practitioners could handle discussions, communications and engagement of various other professionals on the team in such a way as to …