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Blogs December 13, 2019 Where Is Retail Real Estate in the Cycle?

A discussion on the topic of, “Is retail real estate a dying industry?” Included were, despite challenges, it is not, along with suggestion for cyber-only retailers to increase their connection to consumers.

Blogs December 13, 2019 New Real Estate Fund Manager Conundrum: Joint Venture or Fund Partnership?

A detailed analysis of switching from a joint investment to a fund platform, including pros and cons, risks, regulatory concerns and more.

Blogs December 13, 2019 Final Anti-Clawback Regulations Issued

A discussion of the recently-released anti-clawback regulations, governing taxpayers’ use of the doubled basic exclusion amount for gifts.

Articles December 12, 2019 IRS Delays Effective Date of Draft Schedule K-1 Provisions

A discussion of the IRS and Dept of Treasury’s recently released IRS Notice 2019-66, issued in response to comments received related to the draft Schedule K-1.

Podcast December 12, 2019 You’re Welcome to Send a Thank-You Note

In this Friends of the Firm podcast, we examine one of those little things that can make a big difference: the thank-you note. FOF Director and master connector Nkrumah Pierre shares his tied-and-true tips for what should be included in a thank-you n…

Blogs December 12, 2019 Trends Watch: Venture Capital

A discussion with Rob Bibow, managing partner of Fission Ventures, about the outlook for venture capital and the concerns that keep him up at night.

Articles December 11, 2019 Hedge Fund Accounting Update

A discussion of hedge fund accounting and the considerations necessary related to three critical pronouncements: ASU 2018–13. Fair Value Measurement (Topic 820), ASU 2016-18. Statement of Cash Flows (Topic 230) and Valuation of Portfolio Company Inv…

Articles December 11, 2019 Q4 2019 - Considerations for a Private Equity Fund Investing in Real Estate

The author examines the compliance and reporting implications for private equity funds looking to attract and raise capital form investors – including the differences between investment companies and operating companies.

Blogs December 11, 2019 Do You Know Your Clients? You Better. It’s the Law!

A look at “know your client,” aka KYC. Created in response to the September 11 attacks, this has increased the transparency of customer asset information. There are pros and cons, but thanks to technology this has created cross-selling opportunities.…