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Podcast November 23, 2022 Did VC Activity Reach a Tipping Point in Q3?

A discussion about a few VC red flags—such as deal counts and exits. Combine those with geopolitical volatility and you have the makings of a VC market slowdown. Fundraising, however, has been a bright spot. Alan will also examine what he’s looking f…

Podcast November 22, 2022 Private Equity Investing in Consumer and Health Care

Learn about Samantha Ory, General Partner of Ouroboros Group outlook for private equity investing including the greatest opportunities and challenges, her experience being a woman investment manager in the industry.

On-Demand Webinars November 22, 2022 On-Demand: CAPstone: Shattering the Tech Ceiling | Part II – Baretz+Brunelle

Joining us for the second installment of the series is the COO from a for-profit marketing and legal firm who uses her degree in computer science and fluency with software programs to manage the day-to-day operations of the business.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Crypto Losses Are Not All Alike

This post, in a Q&A format, digs into some of the questions regarding cryptocurrency losses and their tax treatment.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Get Meta-Versed

How much time have you spent in the metaverse – and how much do you plan to? Is it amusement? Business? Art? Is it actually real estate? This article takes an introductory look at the possibilities.

On-Demand Webinars November 21, 2022 On-Demand: Wealth Management Webinar Series – Part III

In this webinar, Marc Scudillo and Larry Seigelstein of EisnerAmper Wealth Management & Corporate Benefits, will provide thought provoking commentary on subjects that should be addressed prior to the calendar year closing.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Inherited Retirement Plan Update

A breakdown of current and proposed rules for beneficiaries of inherited individual retirement plans.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Can Your Family Office Navigate Tax Reform?

Family offices are increasingly focusing on tax optimization and deferral strategies as responses to inflation and rising interest rates.

Podcast November 21, 2022 Experiences of a Cannabis Dispensary Owner

A discussion with Janice Grossman, President of Oregon’s Green Rush, a Family-Owned cannabis dispensary based in Eugene, Oregon and her experience operating a cannabis business, as well as various trends and topics in the industry.