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Articles October 22, 2019 IRS Releases “Frequently Asked Questions” and Revenue Ruling on Virtual Currencies

The IRS has recently released FAQs for taxpayers who hold virtual currency as a capital asset as well as Revenue Ruling 2019-24, which addresses the tax treatment of a cryptocurrency “hard fork.”

Podcast October 21, 2019 How to Start a Private Fund

Matt Kerzner and Tim Schuster discuss how to start a private fund with Nancy Vailakis from IQ-EQ.

Blogs October 21, 2019 Taking on the Power (Or Not)

A discussion of the two alternatives that can be used when practitioners interact with the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf: Form 8821(Tax Information Authorization) and Form 2848 (Power of Attorney).

Podcast October 18, 2019 Succession Planning Process: Transition & Exit Strategy

In this episode we discuss the first step in the process for succession planning, the Transition/Exit Strategy.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Get the Maximum QOF Tax Benefits Before We Ring in the New Year

A notice regarding the December 31, 2019, deadline to take full advantage of Qualified Opportunity Zone tax benefits which encompass the areas of deferral, reduction and elimination.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Roots of Marriott Breach Run Deep

A review of the root causes and the fallout from the Marriott cyber breach, along with a look at how to mitigate cyber risk at your organization.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Currently Not Collectible – A Taxpayer’s Shield

The author discusses Form 433, one of the defense mechanisms for taxpayers from whom the IRS is trying to collect.

Articles October 17, 2019 IRS Addresses Tax Questions Raised by Transition from Interbank Offered Rates to Other Reference Rates

A discussion of the IRS’s move that should calm concerns over the potential tax consequences of the impending transition to the use of reference interest rates other than interbank rates (“IBORs”) in debt instruments and non-debt contracts.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Trends Watch: Opportunities for Systematic Strategies

A look at electronic trading, especially under new regulatory requirements, and providing a set of conditions to generate alpha through quantitative analysis.