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Articles December 06, 2021 IRC Sec. 7525 Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner Privilege of Confidentiality

IRC Sec. 7525, generally effective for communications made on or after July 22, 1998 between a taxpayer and a “federally authorized tax practitioner,” provides for the uniform application of confidentiality to taxpayer communications with professiona…

Podcast December 06, 2021 Should We Sell?

Tim Schuster is joined by Lise Stewart and Alan Wink discussing the current red-hot buyers’ market. A question most business owners might be thinking is, should we sell? Lise and Alan talk about this question in detail in this episode of The Bottom L…

Podcast December 03, 2021 A Data-Centric Perspective: Reframing the Global Health Care Conversation

In this episode of TechTalk, health care innovator and advanced technology expert Radhika Iyengar and Amar Bhatkhande to discuss how blockchain and artificial intelligence are transforming the health care industry—and its future.

Podcast December 03, 2021 Emotional Intelligence Profile (EQP) Assessment

EQ is about 80% of our success in business. What is it? Why is it important? How do you measure it? We answer these questions and discuss how it relates to sustainable behavioral change.

Videos December 02, 2021 Succession & Transition

Hear the important steps a business owner or executives should consider during succession planning and leadership transitions from Matthew Kerzner, Ph.D., a managing director in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance (CIOP).

Articles December 02, 2021 Planning Considerations for U.S. Persons Changing Country of Residency/Domicile

While advanced tax planning can ease many issues with respect to the potential residency/domicile change, there is no cookie-cutter approach. In this article, we discuss generic planning considerations as they relate to U.S. individuals.

Articles December 02, 2021 Caler, Donten & Levine Joins EisnerAmper

EisnerAmper announces that the partners and staff of Caler, Donten, Levine (“CDL”) have joined EisnerAmper. Founded in 1987 and based in West Palm Beach, Florida, CDL has 13 partners and a staff of 100 professionals.

Blogs December 02, 2021 Trends Watch: Distressed Credit and Special Situations

A conversation with Cindy Chen Delano of Invictus Global Management regarding the outlook for distressed credit and special situations opportunities investing.

Blogs December 01, 2021 Potential Changes on the Horizon for Qualified Small Business Stock – IRC Sec. 1202

The Build Back Better Act, passed by the House and currently under consideration in the Senate, could potentially reduce the tax benefits of IRC Sec. 1202.