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Blogs November 30, 2021 SEC Identifies Compliance Deficiencies in the Registered Fund Space

The Division of Examinations of the SEC recently released a risk alert of its observations relating to the examinations of mutual funds and exchanged-traded funds, intended to highlight risk areas and assist funds and their advisors in developing and…

Articles November 23, 2021 U.S. Private Equity: Where Football Is Beyond 90 Minutes!

Private equity firms are having a growing impact on the playing field in European soccer/football. This article shines a light on how that came to be, and the current environment wherein there has been a considerable injection of capital from U.S. pr…

Articles November 23, 2021 Nonresident Benefits of Legalized Online Gambling in Connecticut

Connecticut’s tax laws on gambling are favorable to nonresidents, making it more attractive for out-of-state gamblers to participate in sports wagering online in Connecticut.

Blogs November 23, 2021 New York Office of Cannabis Management Focused on Aggressive Plan To Launch Adult-Use Program; Social Equity

NY Office of Cannabis Management Chair Tremaine Wright recently provided an overview of the key provisions of the OCM’s near-term goals.

Blogs November 23, 2021 Recent Tax Proposals and ESG Trends Affecting the Energy Industry

A recap of a webinar focused on tax proposals and environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations impacting the oil and gas market.

Blogs November 23, 2021 Trends Watch: DeFi

A conversation with Patrick Horsman of Coral Capital, on the outlook for investing in digital assets, more specifically decentralized finance (DeFi).

Articles November 22, 2021 Looking at Trusts Through the Lens of Family Dynamics

It is important for all parties involved in trusts—including the grantor, trustee(s) and beneficiary—to understand the intention of the trust and ensure its rules support them because family assets are often tied directly to trusts.

Articles November 22, 2021 Passed by the House, Reconciliation Bill Moves on to the Senate

The House of Representatives approved its version of the Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better” social infrastructure initiative. This roughly $2 trillion reconciliation legislation will now be considered by the Senate, where significant changes…

Articles November 18, 2021 Build-To-Rent Housing: The Demographic and Economic Drivers of Building Horizontal Communities

This article examines the issues and drivers around the build-to-rent phenomenon, the latest reflection of increased demand for single family rental homes resulting from the convergence of the demographic, social, and economic trends determining wher…