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Your Passport to the Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit

Nov 1, 2017

Get a taste of what you’ll learn from our Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit video series. Our thought leaders talk about everything real estate, including security, Millennials, global investment, mitigating risk and more. Your competitors are using this information to help form their strategies.  Shouldn’t you?


Jeffrey Moerdler: Real Estate in New York is my lifeblood and a great thing in which to participate and talk about.

Joe Berko: The wealth of information and, again, the type of insight and intel that you’ll get here and probably won’t find anywhere else.Voice 3: The world changes, but the one thing that remains constant is this little 17 square-mile island.Kenneth Weissenberg: We have 50 of the best speakers and knowledgeable people in real estate in the world here today as speakers and moderators of different panels. The level of knowledge here is unsurpassed from any I’ve ever seen.David Gilbert: The topic today is pretty broad, but we’re starting New York-centric: what’s the impact of TAMI demand and technology in the office markets and how that is evolving and what factors would influence it in the future. William L. Mack: Where are we in the cycle? What is the next move? What are the things that are affecting the real estate business? Where is the money and the liquidity coming from? Arielle Le Bail: The trends, the macro trends, the influence of political instability …Jason M. Ellis: The quality of the speakers has been amazing. There’s been, I think, an incredible level of expertise that you don’t usually see at similar conferences.
Kenneth Weissenberg: We draw an audience that’s also consisting of top CEOs and C-level executives from major companies. They’re focused on real estate. Arielle Le Bail: Larry Silverstein, who is the master in real estate … Joe Berko: Casual conversation with the Larry Silversteins and Francis Greenburgers of the world, who’ve seen every available cycle in recent memory.Jason M. Ellis: Retailers that are able to find that proper mix of how do you integrate online sales with your retail footprint with your logistics and your supply chain, who can best utilize all of those resources to service their customers, they’ll win. There’s that opportunity out there.
Joe Berko: Focusing more on the experiential part of retail versus the in-and-out, buy a shirt and move on, so those are the things that we’re watching very carefully. Jeffrey Moerdler: I’m here today having had the pleasure of talking with my old friend and college classmate, former Governor David Patterson, discussing security issues affecting real estate and our day-to-day lives.
Eleni D. Janis: The key takeaways are that the infrastructure marketplace in the U.S. is destined to grow and will grow. There are definitely challenges, but there are also creative solutions.
David Eyzenberg: There’s actually a big pocket of money that’s been slowly moving into the system, that not a lot of people are talking about, and that is the defined contribution benefit plans.
Joe Berko: Demand is shifting, interest is shifting, we’re now seeing that places like Brooklyn are competing with midtown and asking for and receiving similar rents. Arielle Le Bail: Just recently, Mayor DeBlasio said that we have in New York, I think, 14,500 building that have to be retrofitted with energy-efficient improvements. It’s one of the big challenges of the century – to bring energy efficiency to our cities. Annamarie Gonzalez: Hearing top guys talk about where they’re investing is really helpful to us when we’re taking a forward view of the market and seeing where the money is going. Joe Berko: Make sure you’re liquid. Make sure your assets are positioned for the next wave of tenants. Whether it is retail, hospitality, logistics or multi-family, make sure that your building and outfitting and are ready for the next wave that is at our doorsteps. Kenneth Weissenberg: We hold events throughout the country throughout the year. Go to our website, look what’s going on, and contact us if you want to be part of it.

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