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As Finance Leaders Embrace Digital Transformation, EisnerAmper Launches EisnerAmper Digital

Dec 13, 2021

Game-Changing Approach Provides Peace of Mind for Those “What’s Next?” Moments

The global pandemic underscored that strategic thinking is needed now more than ever. Between broad-based uncertainty and the change to a hybrid work model, organizations are consuming services and doing business very differently. In response to this tremendous shift, EisnerAmper, a leading global business advisory firm, announces the launch of EisnerAmper Digital (formerly Process, Risk & Technology Solutions).

EisnerAmper Digital is a game-changer for multifaceted finance leaders, bringing together the industry’s most knowledgeable risk advisory, digital and cybersecurity experts under one roof. The group’s innovative, powered-by-digital approach helps clients:

  • Scale with intelligent automation and reinvent critical financial processes that previously took hundreds of hours per month down to minutes.
  • Streamline, simplify and connect data for improved reporting, internal controls and compliance.
  • Safeguard assets and avoid high-profile security breaches.
  • Safely return to the office (“RTO”) with our proprietary RTO application.

“Over the past year, it became clear that how our clients approached both growth and risk-mitigation solutions were rooted in a digital mindset,” said Jerry Ravi, Partner, National Practice Leader for EisnerAmper Digital. “For years, we’ve been helping our clients navigate the risk landscape and guide them through total security and digital transformation. To better serve the leaders with whom we work, we’ve reimagined our delivery approach and now have a name that represents the commitment we made to ourselves and to our clients long ago.”

“EisnerAmper Digital can effectively help transform our clients into better versions of themselves,” added Jay Weinstein, EisnerAmper Vice-Chair of Industries and Markets. “Far more than IT advisors, EisnerAmper Digital experts help clients navigate ‘frontier’ risk categories, reimagine what’s possible, and provide peace of mind for those ‘what’s next?’ moments.”

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