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Your Virtual Ticket to the 2017 Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit

Nov 3, 2017

If you couldn’t make it to the Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit in Manhattan in September, you’re in luck. We’re bringing this pre-eminent event to you! Co-hosted by EisnerAmper and the iGlobal Forum, the Summit featured 50 speakers with the most respected names in real estate such as Larry Silverstein, Francis Greenberger and William Mack. If that wasn’t enough, former New York Governor David Paterson discussed leading-edge issues around security and infrastructure. This is an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge you won’t get anywhere else. So if your business depends on you knowing the latest real estate trends, where liquidity is coming from and what your next move should be, stop what you’re doing and check out our Summit video series. This could be shrewdest move you make today. 

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