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Investing in the City of the Future - Part 2: E-Commerce Revolutionizes Retail Real Estate

Jan 1, 2018

Increasingly, consumers are having their goods shipped to them in boxes and visiting stores and malls mostly for experiences. And while the effects of this massive retail shift are already being felt, most investors don’t realize that e-commerce still accounts for a percentage of overall shopping. As e-commerce grows, its impact on traditional retail real estate will be profound. How are the best investors allocating their dollars to capture the upside of this shift (and avoid the downside?) How care the best investors underwriting a building that has ground-level retail but declining in-store sales? What kinds of retail tenants are poised to thrive? What is happening to the value of logistics real estate, like distribution centers, as e-commerce ramps up?

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Kenneth Weissenberg

Kenneth Weissenberg CPA, Tax Partner in Real Estate Services, is experienced in tax saving strategies and negotiating sales and acquisitions. He represents owners of some of the most well-known real estate properties in New York City.

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